Patriotism Does Not Mean I Will Support Donald Trump!


Yesterday, Donald Trump addressed Congress in what might be described as a state-of-the-union speech.  The speech could only be described as a speech given by the President of La La Land.


I failed to tune in yesterday.  I couldn’t bring myself to ruin the day.  However I watched this morning, knowing that I would at least be able to respond immediately with this post.  As you listen to the speech, you will notice that after each remark of Trump you hear applause and see members of Congress standing up to show their support.  After awhile you will tire of hearing the applause.  Note that it is the Republicans who were applauding and standing.  The right side of Congress was neither applauding or standing.



Here is the full speech:


To me the most amazing thing about the speech was the sheer lunacy of the contradictory remarks.  He proclaimed that he would implement “massive tax cuts” for middle Americans and corporations.  Concurrently he promised to increase military spending, increase spending on infrastructure, improve education, improve health care, build a wall, reduce crime, improve veterans care and benefits,  eliminate illegal drugs from being brought into the country, ensure clean air and clean water, guarantee accessible and affordable child care for everyone, find new cures for rare diseases, and take new and additional steps to “keep our nation safe.”  I felt like I was watching a beauty pageant where the contestant advocated “word peace” without a clue about how to make it happen, and no responsibility for it.  It was even more offensive that just the day before Trump explained that dealing with health care was more complicated that anyone could imagine, and that reduction of taxes would have to wait.


Bernie Sanders highlighted not only what was wrong with Trump’s speech, but also listed things he obviously did not say!


Michael Moore explained how Trump lied


and used a widow’s grief for his political advantage, when he was responsible for the death of her husband.


My criticism of Trump is not a sign that I am not patriotic.  My criticism is proof that I am.  It is because I love America and wish to see it prosper for my children and grandchildren that I am compelled to do all I can to warn American patriots that Donald Trump is a danger to you and our country.


Sarah Palin has faded into obscurity.  While I may feel compelled to write from time to time about her, I am redesigning the blog to demonstrate my new commitment to help reveal the danger of Donald Trump as the President of the United States.  Please help me make people aware of the danger of Trump.  Any time that I write an article on the blog that resonates with you, please send a link to any and everyone you can.  Together we can make a difference.


19 thoughts on “Patriotism Does Not Mean I Will Support Donald Trump!

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  1. sarah palin and family will end up back in their trailor park whence they came. They have gone all gone way downhill. They are as dumb and AND NOT a real rich family BUT CONS LIKE trumps con family. They’re grifters they live off idiots who can’t read know nothing. They know how to rip off anyone and everyone for a $1.00! Even if it means you die. They are money hungry soul-LESS pathetic human beings that I pray perish from the sight of this earth!


      1. Malia the type of human that trump is feels no shame. He is the ultimate evil human without remorse or shame. He and his family deserve no relief nor compassion from the United States Federal prosecutor. And his sentencing should reflect it.


      2. Malia, we can add his buddy the owner/ceo of Paypal corp as a trump associate. Paypal is spitting out fake emails claiming to have debited accounts. I have had 5 overnight saying they made payments from my ck account to pay for bogus stuff.


  2. I find that Trump’s speeches make more sense if I’m drinking. There’s a direct relationship between the amount I consume and the amount I understand. Does this observation apply to Trump supporters?


  3. Malia
    It’s grate that I am now working with trump. Ted and I got two vans full of Mexican terrorits yesterday. Todd is really a smart guy. He just pulls up the van to a skool and offers the kids candy. When he fills the van up he takes them to the sorting room.

    White chicks are sold as sex slaves. Mexican kids are sold to trump to build the wall before being deported. White guys are sent to hitler level training camps.

    There is no waste. What business produces no waste? Todd has the greenest business model ever. He is getting a congressional medal of horror.

    Sarah is doing well. She is shooting a commercial for depends diapers. We are trying to get her cleaned up. The first shoot did not go well. She showed up with a bakini top and her diaper. She looked like et with bad skin.

    On a good note the producer of the walking dead saw her and she is getting a lead zombie roll in the next episode. She really has a magical touch.

    I will keep you in the loop. I got to get back to the whitehouse. Trump is pissed I hid the nuke codes again.


    1. pianchipeater,
      So good to know what you’re up to. I heard Sarah is having Bristol give Trig lessons on diaper changing, so he can change hers in the future. Todd was willing to wash her panties, but he drew the line at diaper changing!


  4. I find it strange that this so called liar and the republican enablers have not been repealed and replaced by now and charged with treason and espionage. ALL of them.


  5. I must admit I do support the President……by using him as entertainment. As a retired Fed, knowing the intricacies of our Federal government, I see how unprepared he and his staff are to accomplish any of his promises. What’s worse, the GOP politicians seem to have the same magical thinking, just because they have a majority.

    We are watching a bunch of blind rats following an old blind rat in a very complicated maze. By 2018, many of the elected rats will be trying to jump out of the maze and say they weren’t following him.


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