Seth Meyers Highlights the Many Things Trump Doesn’t Know!

6 thoughts on “Seth Meyers Highlights the Many Things Trump Doesn’t Know!

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  1. What an a-hole Trump is. He wanders off into daydreaming about tiles in tunnels. I bet his base in Appalachia were really warmed by that concern. I broke out laughing when he made that stupid remark about how complicated healthcare is. The only person who didn’t know that before now was this simple-minded cretin who views everything in terms of simple bilateral “deals.”

    As for the leaks issue, I read elsewhere today that Nunes, Chair of the Intelligence Committee, announced in Drumpf-like language today, that he hasn’t found any reason to move forward with an investigation into Russian hacking of the election, but will move forward on finding the leaks about the topic. (Why would one do that if there were no story there? He also confounded “serious leaks” with “serious crimes”. And all of this happened before Nunes had called any experts!)

    These jokers are killing what may be left of a functioning federal government once this “gang that couldn’t shoot straight” leaves office.


  2. Malia ~
    Here is a pointed and hilarious clip of Jon Stewart on Stephen Colbert’s Show last night. Stewart skewers the media for fawning over Trump.

    I hope you’re not wasting an otherwise pleasant evening by watching Trump with — of course — a record-shattering sized viewing audience because we know everything he does is BIGLY.


  3. Melania looked like a prostitute-whore-object as usual last night.

    The supporting photographic evidence for the above statement is plastered all over the internet.


    1. Are we all supposed to buy iSKANKa’s jewelry to pay for the wall etc??

      What the hell did this country do that iSKANKa is involved in politics, and at such a deeply embedded level?

      Joe Biden needs to announce his running in 2020. Like, now, Joe. Please announce your running now. You will win.


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