Trump is 10 Billion Dollars Short!


It’s not just Trump’s fingers that are short.

Donald Trump’s idea of how to make America Great again is to spend more money than ever on the military.  Trump’s budget proposes an increase in military spending of  $54 Billion Dollars. Never-mind the fact that we already have the world’s most powerful fighting force.  Never-mind that we already spend far more than other countries on defense.  Never-mind the fact that we already spend 16% of the federal budget, $602 billion dollars on defense spending.  America spends less than 1% on foreign aid, or about 45 billion dollar annually.

Trump proposes to cut unspecified domestic programs and foreign aid,  to pay for these cuts.

The problem is that Trump promised NOT to cut social security, medicaid, and medicare.

Thus, even if Trump eliminated all foreign aid, he couldn’t save enough money to justify 54 Billion Additional dollars in military spending.


9 thoughts on “Trump is 10 Billion Dollars Short!

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  1. I noticed last week, Drumpf tossed the little people a bone-his daughter and favorite grope toy, Ivanka, lobbied congress for a half billion dollars tax credits for all the little people with NANNIES. Not the four legged ones, either. I don’t know about most iowans or anyone else, but I just don’t have a need for A NANNIE and couldn’t afford one if I did.

    Looking out for the little guy. Another campaign promise kept.


  2. OK, this looks like a Battery Park shell game. Anyone catch the last number on the border wall? I’m recalling $51 billion. So watch the $54 billion pea under the Defense Dept. shell, now follow the shells, see where the $54 billion ends up. Watch the Homeland Security shell that needs $51 billion for a wall. Keep an eye on the underfunded Secret Service shell. where will the $54 billion pea end up.

    Bannon is going to reallocate the $54 billion to pay for the wall.


  3. Don John can save taxpayer money by demanding his immediate family to denied secret service protection and return the money already spent on his outrageous lifestyle on other peoples money. It is disgusting he takes takes takes from the little people.
    After tomorrow he will be in additional violation of the Constitution. So long don’s john’s, impeachment hearing will begin around the corner.


  4. In that picture, above, is that the same finger he’s pointing at us which he invariably just crammed into his daughter “Ivanka”s pussy? She’s been of-age for some time now. And he did say how attracted he was to her.


    1. as if Melania would even care – she’s in Manhattan, about to dress like a Korean pop star to make her disguised anonymous escape from trumpzilla.


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