Where in the World is Sarah Palin?

In 2012 Sarah Palin was featured as a speaker at CPAC.
2013 Ted Cruz introduced Sarah at the CPAC conference.
In 2014 she appeared again.  This time the person introducing her asked the crowd, “Do you love Sarah Palin.”
In 2015 she was introduced by Dakota Meyer, her soon to be ex-prospective son-in-law, who father her illigitimate grandchild and who is now her son-in-law.
The CPAC Conference is happening today in Maryland.  It appears Sarah is just too darn far away to speak.  Losers like Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorina , and Ted Cruz will be speaking, but not Sarah Palin.  Where in the world is sarah palin?

Is she rock running again?


Maybe she couldn’t find a sitter for Trig?


Maybe she’s cooking?


Maybe she’s bailing Track out of prison?


Maybe she’s bailing Todd out of prison?


Maybe she’s just lost?


16 thoughts on “Where in the World is Sarah Palin?

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  1. OT- a group of lawyers is asking for Kellyanne Conweasel be disbarred for lying and other conduct unbecoming of a supposed lawyer. She’s a lawyer?? Yikes!


    1. It would be interesting to review the cases she was involved in. And it is stated failure to pay bar dues as one reason not in active status. Hmmmm. checking her out.


  2. Palin/Quam Scratched out after Nome (Out)
    Check-out Nome (Out)
    15:15:00 02/23 26:41:21
    1,108 at 42 MPH

    Another irondog failure for Todd Palin, he must not realize that he has gotten too old and feeble to continue.


  3. Normally I’d say Who gives a flying F***! But in this case we have the equivalent of a rabid monkey with a case of moose chili wandering around the USA. Someone could get hit by flying cans.


  4. Seems like quite a dilemma to me. Go out and fail on yer own or stay at home with Miss Failed Quittybritches ex-Guv and suffer the slings and arrows of another loser.


    1. Wigzilla,
      I wonder what she has to do to get certified as a pastor…get a letter of recommendation from God,…orjust certify that he talks to her?


  5. OK, I think I’m on to it. The military just fired up the HAARP weather modification antenna system in Alaska. Odds are Sara saw the 70 foot antennas and was trying to steal cable. She probably was fried. These things send out impulses that are hotter than the sun.


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