It’s a common strategy of a dictator or communist government to control the press and media.  A dictator like Putin,  has a long and colorful history of limiting the press to reporters and journalists who report on things that make him appear favorable to the public.  He forces those who report anything negative out of business, or worse, they are killed.  In North Korea, the dictator expels reporters from other countries who publish anything he deems disrespectful.  Under Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship in Iraq, the media had a long history of repression.  The Iraqi media suffered relentless repression for 25 years.  In a book about Resisting a Dictatorship, Vincent Boudreau compares state repression in three post-war dictatorships under Burma’s Ne Win, Indonesia’s Suharto and the Philippines’ Ferdinand Marcos. In each case the dictator faced distinct social challenges and responded with specifically tailored repressive strategies. These strategies shaped the resources, social bases and opposition cultures available to dissidents and in turn influenced the effectiveness of that opposition.   Thus the importance of freedom of press is critical to freedom in America.  Even Fox News recognizes the critical importance of all news networks gaining equal access to the President.






The New York Times, The Hill, Politico, BuzzFeed, the Daily Mail, BBC, the Los Angeles Times and the New York Daily News were among those blocked from taking part in a off-camera “gaggle” inside Spicer’s West Wing office.  It is time to stand up and protest.  We can’t wait.  Tell your neighbors.  Tell those who hold political views different than your own.  Surely everyone recognizes that the First Amendment is critical to our way of life and ensuring our freedom!



Add yours

  1. There’s a simple way to fix this. Stop reporting anything about Trump. Total news blackout on Trump related stories. Ignore him and watch his Narcissist head explode.


  2. He has to go! Why should such a large country put up with a fascist like Trump???? We need a revolution. This is insanity. He is stomping all over the Constitution, that that sob has never even read. God help us. He is destroying the world.


  3. Trump IS a dictator. He wants to control the media and the press. He discredits our intelligence agencies and our judicial system. He has NEVER read The Constitution.

    He is VERY thin skinned. It’s been obvious for YEARS that trump has Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
    He lives to “get revenge”.

    Trump has the intellect and attention span of a toddler. He is a misogynistic, racist, know nothing. He is a LIAR-ALL day, EVERY day. He is NOT qualified in ANY way, shape, or form to be POTUS. He NEVER wanted to be POTUS; he just wanted to ‘win’.

    He is filling his cabinet with extreme, unqualified candidates-most of them want to DESTROY the position/agency they are filling…EPA, anyone? IMO, Bannon is the ‘brains’ behind this crap and he is DANGEROUS.

    Trump and his minions are pissing (pun intended) on The Constitution.
    Trump IS ‘in bed’ with Putin/Russia-NO doubt about it…the facts are adding up and fast. If Trump and his minions were truly innocent and never had contacts with Russia they would INSIST and WELCOME an investigation!

    The republicans infuriate me; they KNOW trump is dangerous, divisive, and unqualified but YET they support him and/or remain silent! They need to put the COUNTRY over party!! Trump is a fascist and is on his way of destroying EVERYTHING that makes this country great. The republicans MUST stand up NOW. Where the HELL is the OUTRAGE concerning Russia, the death of a SEAL while trump was tweeting, trump’s Executive Orders (he doesn’t know or understand what he is signing), his insane policies/ideas, (Muslim ban; building the border wall ETC.) Can you IMAGINE if this was happening under a Democratic POTUS? The republicans’ heads would be EXPLODING.

    Trumps fans/supporters are loyal to a fault. One cannot reach them. They do not understand they are being USED. Many of them claim Fox News is the ONLY legit media organization. They parrot the lies (big and small) and believe them to be the truth/facts. They buy into the fear mongering and hatred of ‘the other’. They truly believe it when trump says he knows all, is the only one who can fix it…he IS their savior.

    I could go on but I’ll stop (for now!) I know I am preaching to the choir here but sometimes I need to VENT.


    Take care Malia.


    1. Laura In Ohio,
      I know I’m preaching to the choir too, but this is bad…and I’m not sure if everyone realizes just how bad this is. Without the free flow of information, we might never be able to stop Trump!”


  4. Yes Malia, but one YUGGEE thing is We The People CAN and WILL continue to fight for our power/right/vote to keep the Reps/Senators ‘in check’-call, email, facebook, snailmail, WHATEVER, etc. GO TO one of their town halls IF they have the nerve to show up. They are expressing MANY reasons why they will NOT go; the people that come there are PAID; the people that show up do not live in my district; the people that show up are filled with hate and violence; Gabby Giffords was shot while meeting the people she represents so doing so is DANGEROUS…(how DISGUSTING is THAT excuse?!) You see how freaked out they are by the anger and passion of the people they represent. And NO, WE are NOT paid! What a stooopid and insulting thing to say!

    I KNOW in my HEART and SOUL if WE stay together, and do what we can as individuals, we WILL defeat the orange bastard and his evil minions. WE will keep the USA a GREAT, STRONG, LOVING, and FAIR country! For ALL human beings!
    AND for a healthy environment!

    There are MANY more protests planned and I will do MY part…

    I post this a lot so here I go again…

    EFFFF TrumPutin.


    Thank you Malia…you are GOOD soul and I am proud to fight the GOOD fight with you!


  5. Trump is under scientology audit. He owes money to them. As Lisa Remini pointed out they are not allowed to watch national news or be a part of normal society. They are forced into lousy actors alt world. Where alt reality is real to them. Seriously deranged brainwashing crap this cult spits out. And it must stop.


  6. The Dishonest Liberal Press Opposition Party is the real enemy of the American people. They treat Trump very unfairly, like he’s a just a “so-called” President. Disgraceful. Very, very disrespectful. They have the temerity to quote him on something he didn’t say, and then they provide backup video showing him saying whatever it was he didn’t say. Now that’s fake news!

    The Donald is faithfully discharging his duties under the powers vested in him by the Constitution, laws of the U.S., and Steve Bannon. He will not be questioned. Just give him a chance to do his job. It’s only been 37 days since his inauguration, and he’s already deported all the bad dudes from Bowling Green and arrested all the bad hombres from Sweden. He’s working 24/7 to make America great again by turning the nuke arsenal into a classy “top of the pack” operation with a golden “T” spray painted on each warhead.

    What would happen if he held a press conference and nobody came? Even better, what if he showed up to address a joint session of Congress and the chamber was vacant?


  7. Blind tribalism – headed by Donald J. Trump – will likely soon unnecessarily destroy the planet. It is real. It is happening. It is “now”.

    Many religions are stuck in misinterpretation at the mythic level. Christian myth, for example, entirely misses the point of “Jesus’ death”: It was a metaphor for “individuals” to die to the ignorance inside (the ignorance of the illusion of being separate from God) – and to wake up, to be born to the truth, that we are all One, and not separate from each other and “God” after all, even though we are all born into separate envelopes of human skin. Divinity is not separate, end-of-life, patriarchal, or judgmental – it is now, within All Life, as One.

    Tribalism demands Matter and Spirit be separated. The tribe must bring Spirit into Matter, in a way that honors both. This requires the Individual, bringing the “good news” back to the tribe.

    Something will soon give. It will either be global nuclear war, or peaceful change. In both cases, all is One. The NEUTRALITY OF FREE WILL leaves us the choice. There is no heaven or hell. The choice to action is found “now”. There simply won’t be a planet to live on if we allow the head of the tribe to select the nuclear war option.

    See you in heaven? See you in hell? Nope – see you NOW.

    It needs action.
    It needs action by us.
    It needs action by us now.


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