Morning Joe: “There are Some Lines Trump Can’t Cross!”

Lawrence O’Donnell explained that the 25th Amendment may provide a remedy to Donald Trump.  Mike Pence has the power to invoke the 25th amendment if the majority of the cabinet agree, then Congress can vote, and a 2/3 majority of Congress could remove Trump.


One Member of Congress has already suggested that the 25th amendment should be invoked.  Jackie Speier, who recently said that if Trump doesn’t start “[acting] presidential,” the 25thAmendment could come into play.

“The 25th Amendment is there to provide a backstop if in fact the president becomes incapacitated.” The 1967 amendment, which has its roots in the Kennedy assassination, covers ways to replace an incapacitated president.”

Even David Frumm, a conservative, has been talking about the 25th Amendment since November.

5 thoughts on “Morning Joe: “There are Some Lines Trump Can’t Cross!”

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  1. What Joe says in the wind. It sells.

    He should not quit his day job just yet.

    However, it took a lot of balls to desecrate Elvis Costello.

    I heart Stephen.


  2. Lawrence O’Donnell will be dismissed by the Alt-Right as a “leftie”, but he’s truthful about the overt corruption of Trump who IS using the presidency to line his pockets.
    DJT has to be shut down, at least in some of the obvious deals like the GSA who needs to climb all over Trump regarding his now-illegal lease on the old Post Office bldg.
    As for O’Donnell’s comments on Pence, we need a game plan to get rid of him too in 2020. He would be a horrific president too and scarily theocratic.


  3. I can still hear shitty scarbourgh and giddy meeka bet that trump would win in 2016. They claimed to be good friends with trump and have known him well for many years. And then he won. So I now cannot listen to them. Besides joe has his own issues from past and he best not give up his moaning job. He cant play music or sing worth a damn.


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