Melania Trump Has to Read the Lord’s Prayer from a Script

This is the video of the First Lady at the Trump rally this weekend, to launch his campaign for re-election.  Watch Melania reading the Lord’s Prayer from her script!


It’s offensive to parade Melania Trump around and have her pretend that she is religious as she has to read from a script as she leads the crowd in the Lord’s prayer.  Most Christian kids learn the Lord’s Prayer as their first prayer.  Watch as these kids recite the prayer, before they are even old enough to read it.



8 thoughts on “Melania Trump Has to Read the Lord’s Prayer from a Script

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  1. Any time a person doesn’t mediate on the word of God, there not going to be able to recite it. There are so called Christians that don’t know it themselves. Only thing this reveals is there lack of time in the word of God.


  2. Lettuce prey. Now Melania can hole up in Trump Tower, never to be seen or heard from again. Hope hope hope.

    It would be more economical if The Donald held an all-inclusive rally just once a year, rather than sporadic landfill fires in aircraft hangars and high school gyms. Instead of building a wall, he could build a classy 100-acre parade ground in Nuremberg, PA. In the late summer of every year, he could hold a yuuuge rally complete with angry speeches, patriotic marching tunes, and proud lieder about the Homeland. There would be a living sea of brown, with color accents of red, white & black. The get-together would draw a crowd of 1M – 1.5M. The biggest rally crowd ever. Period. If handled properly, the event could repeat for 1,000 years.


  3. So the taxpayer’s spend $500,000 a day to staff and guard trump tower of deplorable blight. Of course trump family and Russian friends are worth every penny. Right? Our country is crumbling to the ground due to 8yrs of obstruction from Republicans and yet the budget and spending for trump foundation without oversight is ok. Please make this nightmare go far far away.


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