John McCain: “That’s How Dictators Get Started!”

In a discussion of the need for free press, John McCain explained:

4 thoughts on “John McCain: “That’s How Dictators Get Started!”

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  1. Mr McCain has had plenty of opportunity in his career in congress. His guilt is remarkable. In 08 he was forced to put our sarah on ballot at last minute due to his infidelity or corruption. He was threatened, bribed or extorted by someone? bannon and trump friends perhaps? He should talk about that along with his concern about DICKtaters..


  2. I don’t know about you, Malia, but I will never consider him any kind of patriot. Back in 2000, I thought that he made some sense but it’s like something snapped when Dumbya was chosen over him. Entitled much?

    Couple that with the Rolling Stone article and the $arah nightmare, not to mention calling his wife the c-word, no use for him whatsoever! How fitting that $arah will be his legacy, like it or not. Doddering old fool!


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