Trump Enlists in Marines, Travels to Sweden Last Night, Killed the Bowling Green Massacre Terrorists! Hurrah!


Since before the election, Donald Trump has lied with great frequency.  Kellyanne Conway has admitted that Trump lies sometimes because he just doesn’t know the truth.

After the election we gained proof that Kellyanne Conway lies with great frequency as well.  Her comments to Jake Tapper were unconscionable.

Her lies about the Bowling Green Massacre were a prime example where she totally made up an event in an attempt to create hate and distrust of Muslims.

Now Donald Trump has made reference to terrorism in Sweden, Sweden, Sweden,which occurred last night.  The only thing wrong with that assertion is that there was NO terrorist attack in Sweden last night.

What did occur last night was a Fox News interview Friday night with Ami Horowitz, who presented a clip from a new film documenting alleged violence committed by refugees in Sweden. The segment went on extensively about a supposed crime surge in Sweden and its links to immigrant populations.  Whether the segment was true or not, there was no terrorist attack in Sweden Friday night.  The President of the United States has demonstrated that he doesn’tknow the difference between fact or fiction.  He doesn’t know the difference between an actual threat to our national security and a fictitious movie about it.  Now we understand why Trump is so quick to talk about “Fake News.”  He is watching too much Fox News.


Let’s hope he doesn’t watch  INDEPENDENCE DAY,






WHITE HOUSE DOWN from the Mar a logo Resort on the weekend.


Trump has posted this video of himself on Twitter, in which he reportedly is singing with his fellow Marines!     Hurrah!!! As long as Trump is going to make up FAKE NEWS he should go “all in”.

Update, Chelsea Clinton must watch the same news program that I do!

Chelsea Clinton on Twitter:

“What happened in Sweden Friday night? Did they catch the Bowling Green Massacre perpetrators?”

9 thoughts on “Trump Enlists in Marines, Travels to Sweden Last Night, Killed the Bowling Green Massacre Terrorists! Hurrah!

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  1. They need parental controls on Trump’s cable TV feed. He was probably watching Swedish porn and the women killed a guy. The method? Swedish porn just about tells it all.


  2. Malia – So trump is on another trip to Florida at the expense of US taxpayers. He or a PAC may have paid for the Florida rally, but you can bet everything else is on our dime!

    His lie about Sweden is unbelievable! But, where are trump’s handlers? Why isn’t he called a LIAR immediately after he lies? I just love Chelsea’s comment. LOL

    Is it my imagination or did Melania lighten her hair? Or, did trump dye his hair to match hers? The Florida rally was the first time trump has not worn a tie – not because it was too hot in Florida for a tie, but because he has gotten so fat around his jowls and neck, he couldn’t button the top button of his shirt so he left the top button undone and went tie-less.


    1. sharon,
      He is despicable! Can you believe he said that about Sweden and hissupporters aren’t totally embarrassed that they ever voted for this buffoon?


  3. Now it isn’t nice to make fun of the mentally disturbed, but every rule has its exceptions. Drumpf is a nut cases’s nut case. Every wingnut pol that refuses to recognize this needs to be pilloried mercilessly. If your pet acted in this manner you’d soon have them at the vet being checked for rabies or distemper.


  4. Trump signed an executive order at 4:00 am this morning. He offered immediate citizenship to any hot blond from Sweden. Any chick the age of 18 to 28 who is a 9 plus without ant sexually transmitted diseases is invited.


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