Over 3 Billion Estimated for Trump Security by the USSS – Joe Clancy Resigns

Joe Clancy, the Director of the Secret Service, announced his retirement.  The announcement was made on Feb. 14th.  It will be effective March 4th, just two weeks after the announcement. The announcement comes  just three weeks on the job under President Donald Trump.  Clancy served from 1984-2011, and from Oct. 2014-Feb. 2017.  That means Clancy resigned with two weeks notice after roughly 29 years of service.

So the real question is WHY?  Clancy indicated he was looking forward to spending more time with his family.  I wanting more time with family was the primary motivation for his resignation, it seems Clancy would have resigned long ago.  At a minimum it seems that there would be more time for a replacement to be chosen.  The real reason may be frustration over the vast expense and frustration of the Secret Service in trying to protect Trump and his family.



Just prior to Election Day, USA TODAY reported that at least 1,000 agents, about a third of the workforce, had already maxed out annual overtime and salary allowances, a consequence of the contentious political season’s demands.

The disclosure prompted new legislation that ensured payment of previously uncovered overtime. The agency is now in the midst of an effort to add more than 1,000 agents and uniformed officers to the ranks by next fall.


The Secret Service is currently renting a floor or two of Trump Tower for as much as $3 million a year?  New York City is paying a million dollars a day to protect the first family.

Melania Trump’s decision to stay with 10-year-old Barron at the family’s triplex penthouse means the skyscraper will need permanent new fortifications.“Operating in Manhattan is expensive, and the fact that the Secret Service has to pay, by law, for office space on protectees’ residences, plane tickets on protectees’ planes,is incredibly expensive.



The New York Post  reports that the Secret Service is negotiating with the Trump Organization to take over two floors of Trump Tower, and will run a 24/7 command post with the New York Police Department — 40 floors below Trump’s $90 million penthouse.  Trump’s situation is unique in that taxpayers will be paying Trump’s own corporation for the cost of the two floors and related infrastructure — aside from the normal costs of Secret Service agents, staff, and equipment and barriers.

As president, Trump and his family will be protected by more than 920 Secret Service agents and support personnel in both Washington D.C. and New York City, as reported by NBC News.  Right now, the cost to taxpayers is more than $2 million a day, the documents show, a number that is sure to increase whenever the president or the first lady travels — or when the threat level rises.  That means if Trump makes it for 4 years asPresident, he will have cost American tax-payers more than 3 BILLION DOLLARS.  If I were JOe Clancy I would resign too.














7 thoughts on “Over 3 Billion Estimated for Trump Security by the USSS – Joe Clancy Resigns

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  1. Malia, there may also soon be SHOCKING lawsuits filed against former Secret Service agents who committed sickening racketeering and corporate espionage crimes. Joe Clancy could want to be gone before these legal actions get underway!!!


  2. Again, I thank you for this blog, Malia, and your tireless efforts. I remain beyond mortified. While my “good years” may be behind me, I think of the lives my grandchildren will have, being barely out of the gate, and it saddens me beyond belief. Never EVER did I think I would be witnessing something like this.


    1. CIP,
      Your words of encouragement come at a great time. Now that Palin is irrelevant, it seems fewer people are reading, but Trump is more dangerous that we can imagine! Thanks for your support!


      1. I hope you see this reply, Malia, but I truly believe that your FOIA efforts were a major part of the end of $arah. My story; sticking to it! Blessings to you always….


      2. CIP,
        I hope you are right! It would make all my time and effort worthwhile! When all was said and done, I was convinced that the reason that the story wasn’t investigated is that the other two agents assigned to guard Palin were the other two men at the meeting in the bagel shop, and the Secret Service talked with them but of course covered up what they said that confirmed shailey’s story!


  3. Yes Indeed. 8 yrs ago many of us waded through the swamp of ms palin and friends. Today we are wading through the swamp built by Republicans and polluted by trump and friends. Sarah is in it deep. The hostess of deplorable nasty dirty evil people out to destroy America. Oddly this group hides in and behind various religious groups or they pretend to worship. They are in many areas of our life. Many are even family. Recently Fox Century 21 producers have admitted to taking part in the “Fake News” stating that “A Thriller” film was being made by them. Are they telling the truth? or is this another guilty attempt to lie and cover for don the con? The face of the Republican party.


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