Shoot the Messenger, Not the Illegal Activities of the Trump Administration


The headline news for the last few days has surrounded the resignation of Michael Flynn, the President’s National Security Adviser.  Flynn was the National Security Adviser just 23 days.

Erosion of Trust:


When did the President know?

It seems there is no dispute that Flynn had conversations with Moscow’s ambassador to the US before the inauguration regarding sanctions against Russia. Such a move could be a breach of the law.  But the greatest concern should be the attempts of the Trump administration to target not the wrongdoing of Flynn, but the people who leaked the story.    Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, said  “Instead of investigating General Flynn’s lies and his troubling ties with Russia, he (Trump) chose to target those who brought them to light. Congress should be doing independent oversight of the Executive Branch and protecting whistleblowers, not running interference while the White House conceals their abuses and misleads the American people for weeks.”


Trump knew of the breach of national security by Flynn weeks ago,and failed to take any action.  The Justice Department warned the White House last month that Flynn had not been truthful about the calls with the Russian envoy and could be susceptible to Russian blackmail.


That information, disclosed to CNN by sources familiar to the matter, exposed the White House itself to questions about what officials did with the Justice Department warning and whether Trump himself was told.
Also unknown is whether Trump was aware that Flynn spoke to the Russian ambassador to the US about American sanctions imposed on Moscow late in the Obama administration to punish the Kremlin’s alleged intervention in the presidential election.
“What did the President know and when did he know it?” senior CNN political analyst David Axelrod said, using a phrase made famous by the Watergate scandal.
That unanswered question will fuel bipartisan congressional concerns about the administration’s relationship with Russia and conduct in the Flynn affair.
Before Flynn’s resignation, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio told CNN’s Manu Raju that his contacts with the Russian embassy should form part of a Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the presidential election.
Adam Schiff, the ranking Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee, said Flynn’s departure had become inevitable, but also warned that the controversy was far from over.
“Flynn’s departure does not end questions over his contacts with the Russians, which have been alleged to have begun well before December 29,” Schiff said in a statement. “These alleged contacts and any others the Trump campaign may have had with the Kremlin are the subject of the House Intelligence Committee’s ongoing investigation.”
He went on: “Moreover, the Trump Administration has yet to be forthcoming about who was aware of Flynn’s conversations with the Ambassador and whether he was acting on the instructions of the President or any other officials, or with their knowledge.”
Flynn is gone.Trump’s ties to Russia remain a concern.  Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s ties to Russia remain a concern.  While this controversy fills the headlines in America, Tillerson is meeting with Russian diplomats.  It is precisely because Trump seems to have launched a campaign to thwart whistle blowers, that the American people should be concerned.   We knew before the election of Trump’s ties to Russia.  The fact that Flynn was conspiring with Russia was predictable.  The only reason that it has captured national attention is the “leak” of information by whistleblowers.  If the whistleblowers are silenced America pays the price.
Stephen Colbert summarized the scandal, saying that “its funny because it’s treason.”

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  1. And the so called president is melting down on national tv right now. Showing the world his terrible mental illness. I have never witnessed such a classic case of a serial liar and con man in my entire 60yrs of life.


  2. Was trying to tune in to Whoopi on The View for a few minutes – instead – a tragic orange one-man circus for 75 minutes.

    When did this man last grab a pussy?

    He has the nuke codes, people. He has the nuke codes.


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