The Post Sarah Forgot to Post, Forgetting to “Thank a Vet”

How many times have we heard Sarah Palin ask, “Do you love your freedom”?  “If you love your freedom, thank a vet!”

Remember when she praised Trump because he would “kick ISIS’s ass”.


The Pentagon spokesman revealed that “the casualties in Yemen are being assessed,” adding that AQAP female fighters “ran to pre-established positions as if they’d trained to be ready and trained to be combatants and engage with us. So, some of the enemy killed in combat are in fact female.”

President Trump authorized the operation, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) learned from an anonymous defense official.

Trump bungled this first operation as Commander-in-Chief. Trump ordered the raid without “sufficient intelligence, ground support or adequate backup preparations,” according to a Reuters report.  When things didn’t go as planned, Trump blamed President Obama, even though he was no longer the Commander-in-Chief. In fact, it has now been confirmed that “The specific operation in question was never presented to or considered by the Obama Admin for approval.”  So Trump lies about military operations as easily as he does the size of his inaugural crowd.

The most amazing thing is that Sarah Palin failed to mention this fallen soldier or her concern for him.  I guess she “thanks a vet” if its good for Trump.  She failed to respect the family of the Muslim soldier killed in the line of duty protecting his fellow soldiers.


Now Sarah has failed to thank the family of slain Navy Seals soldier,William “Ryan” Owens.  She has been conspicuously silent about honoring this fallen soldier.

William “Ryan” Owens , along with his SEAL Trident and Basic Parachutist wings, would have been qualified to wear the following awards:

Navy/Marine Corps Medal

Bronze Star w/Combat “V” (2 awards)
Bronze Star
Joint Service Commendation Medal w/Combat “V” (2 awards)
Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal (2 awards)
Joint Service Achievement Medal
Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal (3 awards)
Combat Action Ribbon
Joint Meritorious Unit Award (2 awards)
Good Conduct Medal (6 awards)
Presidential Unit Citation (3 awards)
National Defense Service Medal
Afghanistan Campaign Medal
Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (8 awards)
He has been  posthumously awarded the Purple Heart.
John McCain, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, explained that when an American life is lost, along with other soldiers injured, and a 75 million dollar aircraft,you can’t call the operation a success.
Sean Spicer,on behalf of Trump, said that McCain owed the soldier’s family an apology.  Instead of contemplating the mission and how we could better protect our soldiers, Trump’s focus is to attack anybody who might be less than complimentary.

22 thoughts on “The Post Sarah Forgot to Post, Forgetting to “Thank a Vet”

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  1. Now that you have brought it to her attention, she will SURELY make an appropriate comment about our wonderful vets. Especially those who pay the ultimate price. Strange – I have not heard much about his death – from anyone. Except you. What gives?


    1. I think, from what I have heard, the Seal Team Six is a gung-ho band of people who could care less if they inflict any civilian casualties.


  2. Snookie has excellent company-iowa wingnut congressweasel Cantaloupe Calves King. Tried to claim Susan Rice lying about Benghazi was worse than what Flynn did. He also stated that Rice lying stole the election from Willard the Rat Romney.

    Is there a wingnut pol out there with two live, active brain cells?


  3. If the botched Yemen raid had happened on Obama’s watch (or Hillary’s), then Faux, Rush, Breitbart, and friends would still be at the full-on outrage batshit crazy stage. Strident 24/7 frothing-at-the-mouth demands for impeachment. Benghazi committees would already be thawed out, dusted off, and righteously re-purposed. But then, the raid wouldn’t have happened on Obama’s or Hillary’s watch. Never mind.


  4. Malia – Yes, where is the Wasilla loon? Where is Sarah’s tribute to the military personnel involved in the raid and when is she going to give her condolences to the Owens family? Where is her sympathy for the loss of civilian lives? Where is her outpouring of love for the military? It’s not surprising Sarah has been silent! If the table was turned and this happened while Obama was still in office, Sarah would be ranting and raving and spewing hate!


  5. Two of her favorites things are the people who gifted her with their Veteran memorabilia because they know she wholeheartedly supports the military and her son, a good man who selflessly chose to enlist with his friend and get that Statue of Liberty tattoo along with his “impervious” tattoo.

    Lies written by strangers don’t erase a person’s truth.

    And media related people bullying private people is a new form of ptsd, as per several articles. how would you be affected over time if you had to witness your mom, your sisters, you grandmother being lied about by amoral democrats? Or even random friends for that matter.


    1. GerardDep,
      Please, please tell me one thing I lied about and give me your source to show I lied and I’ll gladly retract my comment. I spend a lot of time providing sources so I ask that you do the same.


  6. Malia,you must have missed Trump’s statements about John McCain and our soldiers. He said he respects soldiers who don’t get captured. We can reason from that statement that Trump has even less respect if they get themselves killed. For a businessman, that is lost inventory. Palin must have the same attitude as her favorite Rump.


  7. Just saw that Bristol posted an Instagram photo – the $262500 Christian mother is apparently in her third trimester. Was there an election around the corner I hadn’t heard about?

    The point – will Sarah “forget” to publicly comment on her Facebook page (aka her own personal oval office) about how wonderful it will be to finally have a Christian in-wedlock grandchild, when there are so many other grandchild she already currently has, who are any combination of the following: multiracial, fatherless, undocumented, unknown, partial/fractional (eg. 1.5, 4.5), single-parent, out-of-wedlock, unchristian, conceived-in-booze-haze, anonymously-fathered, etc.

    She doesn’t look like a person who has ever taken time and looked inside herself. She has no idea who she is.
    (booze and drugs and violence and dysfunction assures that doesn’t happen)


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