Lewis Black’s View of Valentine’s Day




2 thoughts on “Lewis Black’s View of Valentine’s Day

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  1. Valantines day was a special day this year. Todd went to the grave yard and stole some flowers off some vetrans graves. He shoved them into a beer bottle and was off to see sarah.

    He picked up a heart. It was still in a cooler and had the same blood type as sarah. and was still beating. Who ever said illegal immigrants were good for nothing.

    When he went to the operating room at the indian casino he woke up the taxidermist to perform a standard heart trans plant. The taxidermist pulled open the zipper on here chest and took out and hooked up the new heart like he was changing a battery in a flash light.

    He threw out the old heart. It was pretty beat up. She put a lot of meth stress on it in the last week.

    This loving couple stared into each others eyes lovingly. When the new heart kicked in she gently smacked todd in the jaw. He smiled with joy knowing he had another week to make money off sarah.

    This first couples love should be envied by all.


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