Canadian Officials Breath Easier-Grandma Palin Still Being Considered for Antarctica



At least one on-line news source has reported that :

The White House has assured Canada that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will not be appointed as U.S. ambassador to Canada.

A Trudeau government official says that assurance was provided to Canadian officials during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to the White House on Monday.

“It isn’t Sarah Palin,” the official said.

American officials have not yet made a decision on an ambassador but were leaning to appointing someone who raised money for the Trump campaign.”

Ambassador to Antarctica is looking more and more likely.

18 thoughts on “Canadian Officials Breath Easier-Grandma Palin Still Being Considered for Antarctica

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  1. Yes indeed. Poor thing has her Russian tit in a ringer. Along with flim flam man Flynn. The first of many to resign, quit, or be impeached. Happy Valentines Massacre everyone. The Republicans own this!! They bought it sold it and will go down with it in their souls. Party over for them but just beginning for America.


    1. Pat,
      I’ve linked the article I read. I haven’t heard that someone else is appointed, so it may not be a done deal yet, but you know what I know.


  2. Hello Malia! We really dodged a close one here! Seriously, did she really think this (ambassador posting) was tailored for her?? Most ambassadors who are posted to Canada present their credentials to the Governor General, the Queen’s representative. $arah has NO credentials, I repeat, ZERO credentials (‘cept grifting)!!

    Now that this joke has passed, I am going to prepare a nice dinner for my sweet-heart tonight! Happy Valentine’s Day Malia!!


  3. No Palin ambassadorship?
    Maybe because she is criminally ignorant?

    We know that reading is not her strong point so shes probably doing a victory lap drunk with her misshapen sperm.

    Todd “Your money is on the dresser” is no where in sight.


  4. Hostage-taking and attempted murder of a prostitute, as well as child trafficking, does not qualify her to be ambassador on any planet in any reality.


  5. Just looked at an article that said Canadians would prefer Screwy Rudy Guiliani for some reason. Oh I hope not, I had such love for our Northern neighbors. YIKES!


  6. Malia had you seen this?

    This link is on that page from Sarah’s brother

    Maybe Chuck can respond to why Sarah might sexualize herself as a grown woman.
    Chuck and Sally Heath 425 North Klouda Circle Wasilla, Alaska 99654

    What a shitty-faced old man he is


  7. I remember a back page article in Fur Fish and Game magazine several years ago, one guy was wanting to collect skins from all the animals he had trapped. So he went to Chuck Heath and the article sounded like a love fest. Just thought I’d mention it. The closest to the grifter or family I have come is they were once in iowa and I have lived my 64 years here.


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