America May Be First, But Which Country is Second? Hilarious!











2 thoughts on “America May Be First, But Which Country is Second? Hilarious!

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  1. America has always been first in Americans heart and soul. Citizen United Global Trump has not. He is the swamp. And his Kabinet is the dung in the swamp. Take note of his loyal vocal soldiers lying and fighting for his agenda. Cruz, Cotton, McConnell, McCain and all the rest of the Republican Obstructionist. Expose each one of them until they resign.


  2. In my little rural American town of 10,000 there are now at least 10 private charter schools, One Public HS, JR high and elementary school. The Public school buses are empty but remain on the roads. The local public school board is dysfunctional. The state dept of education publicly endorsed trump and now without money due to vouchers. The public school teachers are starving. The Republican Party runs the show, they made bigly promises and lied directly to voters. Their agenda is the sale of public land to mine protected sacred land and build overpriced cookie cutter homes that locals cannot afford. They trying to use the school issue to take the land away from the public and Indian’s. And today they tell teachers there is no money for raises or supplies unless we allow the sale of national protected land. Taxpayer money must not pay for private schools or private business ventures. It must only be used for Public schools. NO vouchers. Where is the PTA now adays?


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