OMG! Steve Bannon, the Palin Promoter, in the White House!

Since the inauguration, Bannon, Trump’s fiery chief strategist and the former chairman of Breitbart News, has had an outsized role in shaping policy in the new administration, particularly when it comes to immigration.

Bannon became executive chairman of the conservative website Breitbart in 2012.  It was Bannon’s leadership and influence that resulted in the website embracing racist, anti-immigrant and white nationalist ideas that form the alt-right movement.

Breitbart published an article in 2015 defending anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller for hosting a “Draw Mohammed Cartoon Contest” in Texas, which was viewed as many as an overt attempt to anger Muslims. Two armed men with links to ISIS targeted the event and were killed by police.

Two weeks after the white supremacist Dylann Roof gunned down nine black parishioners at a prayer service in South Carolina, Breitbart ran a story titled, Hoist it Loud and Proud: The Confederate Flag Proclaims a Glorious Heritage.

Last year, Breitbart ran a story titled, Young Muslims in the West are a ticking time bomb.

The frightening thing is that Bannon seems to be able to inspire Trump to do anything.  When Trump becomes the victim of criticism, instead of blaming Bannon, Trump views the criticism as an attack on him personally.  Trump becomes vindictive.  Trump fails to identify the real culprit is Bannon himself!

Bannon doesn’t seem to care if Trump is impeached.  The only issue for him is how long he can stay in power and how much damage can he do before he quits?

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16 thoughts on “OMG! Steve Bannon, the Palin Promoter, in the White House!

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  1. Malia,

    Step back and look at the author of this mess. Throw out the logic of a politician building an intelligent staff.

    This is the rutting, paranoid, Narcissist, TV dude. See any handsome guys on his staff? See any that might be perceived by Trump as smarter than him? See anyone who would be a threat to Trump’s image of himself? I can picture Trump with the candidate applications and required headshots saying “Dumber than me, hire. Too good looking, fired. Hot for an old broad, hired.”
    Look at the “celebrities” on his show when he hosted it. All what he perceived as D list washed up celebrities.

    Bannon looks like a drunk who stumbled out of a strip joint. World leaders are going to play this staff like a twelve year old walking down an aisle of carney games.


  2. He’s the devil.

    Kellyanne Conway must permanently be put in prison – she is so out of line, on our taxpayer dime, in the people’s house of power, saying this shit for personal gain!!!
    Down with Kellyanne! Unforgivable!!!
    Fu*k You Kellyanne, you egregious conniving bag of shit.
    Fu*k You Kellyanne, you egregious conniving bag of shit.
    Fu*k You Kellyanne, you egregious conniving bag of shit.
    Fu*k You Kellyanne, you egregious conniving bag of shit.
    Fu*k You Kellyanne, you egregious conniving bag of shit.
    Fu*k You Kellyanne, you egregious conniving bag of shit.


  3. Malia do you think bannon is the one that forced McCain to pick sara? And did she resign due to the likes of bannon? Extortion, bribes, threats? hmmmm?


    1. America,
      I think anything is possible, and now that we see what an influential role Bannon is taking, I feel confident that he was instrumental in getting the endorsement of Palin.


      1. Drumpf didn’t seem to understand the powers he handed Bannon making him part of the NSC. But,then, Drumpf doesn’t understand much of anything.


  4. I think bannon, kellyanne were working for the cruz camp initially, They hired the uk company to gather the raw data and hack the blue act/democrats and then bannon and kellyanne joined trump when he won nomination. Both are dirty nasty ulgy liars.


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