Trump Sets Record for the Fastest Decline in Approval Rating in History!


It’s been only two weeks and Trump’s disapproval rating has set a new record!  53% of Americans already disapprove of his Presidency!  That’s the lowest approval rating of a President in the history of polling!  At this rate he’ll be without any supporters except Sarah Palin by the end of February.  Maybe he should just quit like Palin and go back to making reality television shows.

Of course Trump responded to the polls by denying the truth of the disapproval.  He said:

“Any negative polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election. Sorry, people want border security and extreme vetting.”

2,865,075: The number of individual votes by which Donald Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton

44 percent: Trump’s favorability rating among American voters going into the inauguration – the lowest on record

6: The number of law enforcement and intelligence agencies investigating whether the Kremlin funneled money to the Trump campaign throughout the election

200: The number of buses that have applied for Trump inauguration parking permits, compared to 3,000 for Obama’s 2009 inauguration

1,200: The number of buses that have applied for parking permits for the Women’s March on Washington Saturday

26: The number of groups that, as of early January, had applied for permits to protest the inauguration

200,000: The number of demonstrators who are expected to attend the Washington women’s march, joined by many thousands of others at hundreds of sister marches worldwide; it’s expected to be the biggest protest tied to an inauguration in U.S. history

4: The number of living presidents who will attend the ceremony; the fifth, George H. W. Bush, will skip it for health reasons

65 and counting: The number of Congress members who are boycotting the inauguration

$90 million: The amount of money raised by the Inaugural Committee

$110 million: The amount of taxpayer money that will be spent to cover the event’s full $200 million price tag; Obama’s 2009 fete cost $170 million

$1 million: The cost of the most expensive inaugural ticket package, which includes access to the swearing in, an inaugural ball, a concert, a fireworks show, a parade and “an intimate dinner with Vice President-elect Mike Pence and Mrs. Karen Pence”

3: The number of inaugural balls Trump and his wife Melania will attend; the Obamas attended 10 in 2009

More than 50 House members said they’ll skip this week’s inauguration festivities.

Hundreds of thousands protested Trump’s ban of Muslim immigration were organized in at least 40 different cities across America.

Global protests broke out in multiple cities including Berlin, Toronto, London, and Paris.  The only thing”Fake” about Trump’s ratings is that anyone thinks he is doing a good job, other than people he pays to say good things about him.

6 thoughts on “Trump Sets Record for the Fastest Decline in Approval Rating in History!

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  1. Oh crap, here we go again. You need to avoid like sounding words. Trump’s spell challenged minions are going to make him invade Poland. That’s where the polls come from.
    But then is is the 50th anniversary of Russia invading Poland. I had an immigrant grade school classmate who escaped the communist invasion of Eastern Europe. Funny how no one seems to remember Russia and the Berlin Wall.


  2. Yeah I saw the fake news. 44% is lol funny. More like 10% approve of liar in charge and then the other? majority of americans approve of executive orders. Are you kidding me? Who believes that fake news?


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