#Free Melania – New Picture of Agony During the Superbowl

Melania Trump’s face told the world how excited she was to be the First Lady during the inauguration.



It seems Melania was equally excited to attend a Super Bowl party with the Donald.

This photo of Melania Trump watching the Super Bowl has #FreeMelania trending again. Image: Twitter


#FreeMelania has rocked the country!  Perhaps Melania’s decision to stay in New York has nothing to do with her son, and everything to do with avoiding the Donald.

6 thoughts on “#Free Melania – New Picture of Agony During the Superbowl

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  1. My little old Okie Mama told me once “When you marry for money, you earn every dime of it”. A real example here. I almost feel sorry for her.


  2. Has Barron seen his mother’s vagina all over the internet? It’s super important that he sees it, sees the ladder-climbing slut this woman is.


  3. Maybe it is actually the imbecile’s order that she stays in NY. Like that, he does not need to see and hear his (autistic?) son’s face, and he can whore around at will in the WH…

    It is incredible, either way, that WE, the taxpayers, have to pick up the tab for their security teams. Some people elected the Orange a$$hat, but he came with a wife and one dependent kid. The deal is, when they come as a package like these guys, they STAY TOGETHER IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!

    Seems her security is anywhere between $1/2- 1Million/DAY, because they insist on staying in the yuuuuge tRump Tower, right in the middle of Manhattan. Also, THEIR security costs the little businesses in that vicinity TONS of revenue, because now people cannot freely walk and drive and park around that area anymore!


    1. FEDUP!!!
      I’m with you 100%. At what point do we tell Trump “NO”? He shouldn’t be entitled to spend our money without accountability.


  4. Probably maybe possibly the fake green card, background check and Clarence card did not pass the smell test to the remaining sane adults in the room. The poor thing looks disgusted, abused and used by don the con. Getting him out of the tower was her goal not America.


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