The Wall Trump Should Build is Between Church and State!


At the very heart of the creation of the United States of America is the notion that there should be separation of church and state.  It was a concept that was designed to PROTECT Christianity, rather than to destroy it.  In the Revolutionary era the lessons of history convinced Americans that the Christian religion would be better secured by separating church from the state.  By denying or forgetting the Christian foots of the separation of church and state, Americans risk rejecting one  of the great foundations of both American liberty and American Christianity.

As of 2014, there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. That number is expected to grow to 2.2 billion by 2030. Islam, the religion practiced by Muslims, is the second-largest religion in the world.  Christians are currently the majority religion in America.  However those numbers are changing.  By 2050 Islam will be America’s second-largest religion.  Christians will decline from 75% of US population to just two thirds by 2050.  It is predicted Muslims will outnumber Christians in the world by 2070.

By mid-century, North America’s Muslim population is expected to be larger than its Jewish population (10 million Muslims vs. about 6 million Jews).  While the absolute number of Christians in North America is projected to rise in the decades ahead, the Christian share of the region’s population is expected to decrease from 77% in 2010 to 66% in 2050. That decline correlates with an increase in the unaffiliated share of North America’s population, from 17% in 2010 to 26% in 2050.

Donald Trump recently told religious leaders he wants to “totally destroy” a 1954 U.S. law barring churches and other religious institutions from religious activity if they want to keep tax-exempt status.


Trump is signaling his intention to begin abolishing the fundamental principle of America, the separation of church and state.  Many Christians may perceive this to be a good thing as they believe theirs is the one true religion.  However every religious group believes that theirs is the “correct” belief.  The notion of separation of church and state protects the minority views and religions.  One day Christians will inevitably be the minority religion in the US and around the world.  If the notion of separation of church and state  is eliminated now by Christians, it will be easy for Muslims or any other religion to believe that they should control the religious affiliation of all citizens.  Especially because the Koran indicates that unbelievers should be killed, there is every reason to insist on separation of church and state…always.

The construction of a wall Trump should be advocating is not along our southern border, but between church and state.



9 thoughts on “The Wall Trump Should Build is Between Church and State!

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  1. Gotta say if christianity ever needed protection it is from today’s so called right wing kristians. I am not a believer, but I was raised in the First Babtist Church and everything the lord and saviour told these people to do-they have ignored.


  2. This man knew how to deal with the separation of church and state and handled it in his usual dignified, Presidential reverential way. One of my favorite ex-Potus.

    From Jobs Anger site


  3. This comes at a particularly ironic moment because Eric Trump, touring in Uruguay on business with Secret Service protection, “told La Nación that the relationship between the Trump Organization and his father’s administration would be completely separate, like ‘church and state.’ ”

    By telling everyone he will advocate to have the pulpit become a political place too, quite transparently DJT is pandering to his evangelical base, who quite often preach hatred towards minorities, women, gays and adherents to other religions. It suits #45’s strategy (or is it Bannon’s?) to stoke hate and have an ‘enemy’, real or imagined. Next we’ll hear that the Westboro Church is invited to the white House to participate in dialog about this issue.

    The man who brought us “Two Corinthians” is ignorant about the interwoven Abrahamic religions of which Islam is now the largest in adherents. We need to build on common beliefs and come together instead of apart.

    (Jimmy Carter is a beacon in the darkness with this great quote Mike presented here.)


  4. It is time to stop the evil cult. It is time to dismantle Scientology. It is not a religion it is a cult and danger to the world. It is the so called “Silent Majority” and they are as dangerous as Lisa Remini explains. Donald Trump represents them. Cruz sympathizes with them, sarah palin too. They are behind the corrupt election and controlling global communications. They are behind the alt facts and delusion. Expose them. Reject them. Push back the bullies and destroy them. All of them. Several CEO’s and Corporations are sleeping with them.


  5. FCC file suit against Vizio. The cheap tv sold at Walmart stores. Turns out they were used to spy on Americans the last 2 yrs. And add in apple, Verizon, tracfone, several internet corps, reward card data collection companies and bingo. Hack and Steal elections worldwide. Expose the corporations and ceo’s involved around the world.


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