Sarah Palin Lauds Donald Trump, the Selfish Bastard!


In an effort to stay relevant, Sarah Palin continues to Tweet thoughts and comments, like Trump, on an almost hourly basis.  We know that Sarah has a hard time formulating a coherent thought once a day, much less on an hourly basis.  Her recent Twitter post evidences the absurdity of her logic!  In an effort to criticize Obama, and promote Donald Trump, Sarah Tweeted:


The link takes the reader to a story about Trump giving a $10,000 check to the son of a man who has cancer.  Of course the grown son was a Trump supporter.  This poor man, the Trump supporter, couldn’t afford a suit to wear to Trump’s inauguration, so a friend bought him a suit to make it possible for the man to attend the inauguration.

Trump invited the man to his inauguration.  This is a way to increase the size of the inaugural crowd, and suggest to the public that attending his inauguration was something everyone would want to do.  The man’s father’s name is Don. According to a report from NewsMax, Trump didn’t call the father and wish him good luck with his cancer treatment.  He complimented the patient because he had a name, like Trump’s that was a “great name.”  Trump said to the man dying of cancer:

“Hey, Don, You Have A Great Name.”

 Because the father’s son was a Trump supporter, Trump then told the dying man that “You Have A Good Boy.”

The President, assuming everyone would want his autograph, signed an autograph for the man’s four-year-old son.  Anyone with a shred of humanity would understand that this 4 year old wouldn’t care about having Trump’s autograph, but instead would want his grandfather to be around to watch his graduation from Kindergarten.  Trump, the billionaire, then presented the father with a $10,000 check. Ten Thousand dollars for a billionaire would be less than one-day’s interest on is investments. This gesture came on the heels of Trump’s first executive order targeting Obamacare.  This order was the beginning of the end of nationalized health care.  Without any replacement provisions, Trump’s one-page order, signed on the day of his inauguration in a hastily arranged Oval Office ceremony shortly before departing for the inaugural balls, gave no specifics about which aspects of the law it was targeting. But its broad language gave federal agencies wide latitude to change, delay or waive provisions of the law that they deemed overly costly for insurers, drug makers, doctors, patients or states, suggesting that it could have wide-ranging impact, and essentially allowing the dismantling of the law to begin even before Congress moves to repeal it.  Thus, as this adult son was watching Trump’s inauguration, Trump was returning to the White House to eliminate the very medical care that could save this man’s father’s life.  The fact that Trump pretended to be generous by writing the son a $10,000 check was insulting.  Newly approved cancer drugs cost an average of $10,000 per month, with some therapies topping $30,000 per month. Just a decade ago, the average cost per month of new drugs was about $4,500. Patients typically pay 20 to 30 percent out of pocket for drugs, so an average year’s worth of new drugs would cost $24,000 to $36,000 in addition to their actual medical care.

For SarahPalin to suggest that Donald Trump was acting generously by giving this man a $10,000.00 check, while repealing the health care his father needed to save his life, demonstrates that she is either clueless or heartless, or both.  The $10,000 check was only enough money for the son to cover the cost of his father’s funeral that would inevitably result for the signing of Trump’s first executive order.



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  1. I read Obama would generously and anonymously send money to people who wrote him that they were in need. Would Trump do that? Hell no, only if you praised him to the heavens, maybe he would drop a pittance on you. Obama gave so much more, but not publicly lauding himself. GIve me a break, Palin and Trump are two unstable narcissists that care only about themselves. I am so sick of narcissists. They do not belong in government and only bring destruction on those around them. Trump is destroying us all. Just watch how his voters on the ACA turn on him next year when they are left in the cold without insurance. The midterms should be a bloodbath against the Republicans. Being very ill myself, I am thinking I will have to move to California to be able to get help, but would end up having to leave my family behind in Texas. What a sad state of affairs we are in when you have to choose to live away from your family or just die.


  2. Yeah right. Is that like the donation to the vets that he LIED about? Both sarah and don john are liars. Neither of them give a shit about anybody or anything but their own hateful self.


  3. How long before Sarah asks Trump for $10,000 for Trig?

    I don’t want to give her any ideas, but, maybe Trump would stroke off a few more $10K checks for her bastard grandchildren.


  4. DJT does nothing that doesn’t benefit or publicize him. I hope he gets prostate problems and then finds Melania getting guarded closely by one of those hot Secret Service agents.


  5. We have entered the Twilight Zone of short sighted governing. They ended Affordable Care on paper and created a mess because they had no solutions. That is the essence of Sarah, all complaints and no workable solutions. Did Palin ever send $10,000 to s sick person? Hell, she didn’t even send that much to any of the recipients on her PAC…….except herself


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