Trump Threatens to Defund Universities Who Don’t Agree With Trump

We’ve seen it repeatedly from Donald Trump.  Anyone who disagrees with Trump becomes the victim of his attack.  When Meryl Streep voiced her opinion of Trump, Trump attacked her personally, saying she was “overrated.”

When Trump found Megyn Kelly to be a adversary, he refused to participate in the Fox News Debate unless Megyn was banned.


Trump insulted the Ambassador to the United States, Joe Hockey, of Australia,and McCain had to step in to try to salvage our relationship.

Trump has already insulted the President of Mexico, resulting in cancellation of his meeting with Trump.

305 is the number of people Trump has insulted on Twitter.

In case there was any doubt about past conduct, Trump has gone too far!  He has reverted from criticizing those who disagree with him to threatening to use his power as President to pressure them into submission.

Let me be specific. Rioting broke out at Berkeley last night.  It wasn’t sanctioned by the University.  It was a group of students at Berkeley who wanted their voices to be heard.  The impetus for the rioting was a scheduled appearance of Milo Yiannopoulos.

So who is Milo Yiannopoulos?  Among other things, he has been a strong opponent of Islam…not just terrorists, but the religion.

At a time when riots have broken out around the world about the American ban of Muslim immigrants, it seems predictable that an appearance of Milo Yiannopoulos at Berkeley would result in protests.  Here are just a few quotes of Mr. Yiannoopoulos that provide a glimpse of the hatred he stands for:

America’s got to look after America again. That means taking a realistic appraisal of who is actually at risk in this country, not whining feminists, or whinging Black Lives Matter activists, but gay people and women at risk from Islam. Also, so people in this country who have been treated badly, lied to and lied about. An honest appraisal of who actually needs government attention in this country. And when all of that is done, then we can think about interfering elsewhere again.

Donald Trump is obviously the most pro-gay candidate in American electoral history.

Mr. Yiannopoulos is an editor from Breitbart news.  He has conducted multiple interviews, which demonstrated his hatred for Islam, his disrespect for women,and his support for Trump.

Thus is seems predictable that the majority of students at Berkeley would object to Berkeley giving him a platform to spew such racists positions.  Berkeley is one of the most liberal colleges in the country.Less than half of the people at Berkeley are religious.  Only 34% of people at Berkeley identify with a particular religion.  However 2% of people at Berkeley are affiliated with Islam.  There are 38,000 students at Berkeley.  That means that over 750 students at Berkeley are Islamic.

Recognizing that the students at Berkeley who were opposed to Milo Yiannopoulos, were also likely opposed to Trump, Donald Trump sent this message out by Twitter:



Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.09.13 AM

This is no joke.  UC Berkeley is one of the very top schools in the country, especially for science.  Last year alone Berkeley received $370 million from the federal government—and that was just for research.  The advancements in scientific research at Berkeley are staggering.  Twenty-two Berkeley professors and 29 Berkeley alumni have been awarded Nobel Prizes. For the man who ran on a campaign of “Making America Great Again” to threaten one of the top universities in the country to cut funding for scientific research as a result of difference in political philosophy is outrageous.  The irony is that by Trump making such a threat, he is himself trying to stifle the opinions of people who disagree with him.  He is himself trying to shut up the students at Berkeley who have a different point of view from his own.  The students who demonstrated wanted their opinions to be heard.  President Trump has threatened to silence them by refusing the very funding that enables them to pursue their critical research.

9 thoughts on “Trump Threatens to Defund Universities Who Don’t Agree With Trump

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    1. Pat,
      It seems he can do anything he pleases. “Even when a Federal Court says he can’t , he says he can. When the attorney general says she can’t…he simply fires her.


      1. Don’t they jail people for that? Goodness, is the entire system controlled by trump cult? Have they invaded all agencies with operatives? I have faith the legal ethical scholars are working overtime to end this disaster asap.


  1. I was in a car accident on November 7, 2016, and just woke up from the resultant coma. What’s all this?


    1. larryzb,
      Lots of people disagree with me. I’m not the President and I’m not threatening to cut off funding for anyone who disagrees with me. By way of example, I post negative comments from anyone who reads! I don’t threaten to cut them off from posting here just because they disagree with me.


      1. Larry zb I find it hard to forgive such disgusting behavior and crime. I completely disagree with those who have voted to harm America. I find it odd that ANYONE could defend the actions of this trump cult and the damage to humanity caused by them….Malia is an excellent journalist and fair reporter of the current articles and interest to many of us. What is your defense and agenda for defending this evil trump cult and crime against America?


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