Health Care in America Under Trump is Worse than You Think!

Most people know that Trump has signed an executive order attempting to repeal Obamacare.  Many patients are worried about the effect of this repeal on their ability to get the medical care they desperately need.  Because Trump has not announced any plan to replace Obamacare, it is unclear what the impact will be to patients with pre-existing conditions.  30 Million Americans are at likely to lose health care coverage if Trump fails to replace Obamacare.
Now that Trump has banned immigrants from 6 Muslim countries from entering America, the risk to patients desperately in need of medical care is even greater.  Our training hospitals posted job listings for 27,860 new medical graduates last year alone, but American medical schools only put out 18,668 graduates. International physicians percolate throughout the entire medical system. To highlight just one particularly intense specialty, fully 30% of American transplant surgeons started their careers in foreign medical schools. Even with our current influx of international physicians as well as steadily growing domestic medical school spots, the Association of American Medical Colleges estimates that we’ll be short by up to 94,700 doctors by 2025.
This is no way to protect our national security

The President’s decision is as ill-timed as it was sudden. The initial 90-day order encompasses Match Day, the already anxiety-inducing third Friday in March when medical school graduates officially commit to their clinical training programs. Unless the administration or the courts quickly fix the mess President Trump just created, many American hospitals could face staffing crises come July when new residents are slated to start working.  Thus in his first week in office, President Trump has taken steps to ensure that millions of Americans will be unable to pay for life-saving health care, and even if they could, there will be insufficient doctors to provide the care they so desperately need.


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  1. Every minute of everyday a new diagnoses of disease is given to a fellow American and their family. Each day millions are worried about their cost of healthcare even with insurance. Most are one day away from financial ruin. Insurance saves lives, physicians save lives, pharma saves lives. Employers need healthy employees. I have not heard from this insured buffoon what he intends to invest in the business of healthcare as of yet? It is only the words repeal to kill those most vulnerable and defenseless that we hear.


  2. Lifting the Affordable care act will create more chaos. Leaving it up to the states will not work. Affordable straight basic preventative care from birth to all usa citizens would work. I believe genetic testing at birth and care monitored from that point. Socialization of Healthcare will cut cost, save life and provide a healthy society. Same thing with energy and basic utilities. Eliminate private for profit for public owned.


  3. Malia –

    There is so much insanity happening it is hard to keep up – not to mention the inability to wrap our heads around it.
    I have relatives and friends in the Bay Area, So. California and Portland who have been religiously attending the demonstrations. I think my grandson and many of his friends were at Berkeley. Have not heard from him yet on his view of it all.


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