Where Are Senate Republicans As Our Constitution is Under Attack?

Senator Elizabeth Warren called upon Senate Republicans to stand up to Donald Trump.  It wasn’t a question of whether his ban on Muslim immigrants was unconstitutional.  It was.  The question was who among the Republican Senators would be willing to defend our constitution.  It appears there are almost NO Republicans willing to stand up and defend the American constitution from domestic terrorist.  It is Donald Trump who is the terrorist, not the Muslim immigrants who are trying to enter the country.

Trump has been in office 11 days.  America is already in crisis.  Trump has now fired the nation’s top law enforcement officer, Sally Yates, the acting attorney general. Yates refused to enforce the ban on Muslim immigrants.  Instead of getting legal advice or consulting a constitutional scholar, Trump fired Yates.  If he had consulted a Constitutional Law Professor he would understand that the Muslim ban violates FIVE DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE CONSTITUTION.  The ban is a violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, the First Amendment protecting religious freedom, due process under the 5th and 14th Amendments, Habeas Corpus, and Family Reunification Rights.

An intelligence official who spoke to Foreign Policy magazine painted a picture of a White House that was in disarray and being run without checks and balances or even a complete paper trail.  Jarred Kushner,the President’s son-in-law, and adviser, is “fucking furious” about the reduction in his role, and the emergence of radically conservative, inexperienced, and dangerous influences having an effect on Donald Trump.



Trump’s executive order to ban citizens of seven countries from entering the US has no parallel in American history, says Juliette Kayyem, a former assistant secretary in the Department of Homeland Security under Barack Obama.

Kayyem says, usually, there are processes in place to vet executive orders before they’re issued — processes the Trump administration declined to follow in favor of a “disruptive” management style. But that also meant there weren’t any agency officials with advance knowledge of the order who could smooth the implementation hurdles.

From the first 10 days in office, President Trump has shown that our worst fears were well founded.  His aides are even concerned.  They have acknowledged that there will be a “mutually assured destruction” unless they begin to be more candid with each other.  The damage Trump is doing to America, at home, and around the world, may be difficult or impossible to mend.  The sooner Congress acts, the better.



NOw that Trump has been called out, he is trying to use Obama as a human shield to deflect the protests and criticism that are coming at him. The difference between Obama’s action and Trump’s is simple.

Obama banned Iraqi refugee applications for six months. Trump’s executive order banned all types of visa applications from seven different countries. The Obama administration did their ban after it was found that al-Qaeda terrorists were trying to use the Iraqi refugee program to infiltrate the United States.  The Trump administration has admitted that their measure is proactive. They have no evidence to support the need for the ban at this time.

Trump’s statement is proof that the protests are working. The White House is on the defensive.  Obama is no longer the President, Trump is.  It was just five days ago that Trevor Noah reminded us that upon the inauguration of Donald Trump, there are no more excuses.  Republicans can no longer blame Obama or Democrats for their own failures.

Blaming Obama, or anyone else, for Trump’s own actions as President, demonstrates just how desperate he is.



12 thoughts on “Where Are Senate Republicans As Our Constitution is Under Attack?

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  1. Republican Congresswomen and men and Senators are the first in line to be removed by voters witnessing this insanity and the GOP silence. By remaining silent, the GOP is not part of the solution. They are part of the problem.
    In 2018 we take back America. Get out the list off candidates who are running in your state and place the word trump in front of those representing the GOP. We will not use targets we will use the playing card term trump to remove all cards in a suit, the GOP. (And we do not use it to mask any birth name like Drumpf.)


  2. This might be the only chance wingnuts ever have to totally destroy America and give all the wealth to the koch bros. They aren’t about to waste this chance by abiding by the one document they all swore to uphold and protect-not Grover Norquist’s no tax pledge.


  3. Let us just sit back and imagine. Imagine this reversed. Imagine Hilary or Bernie won the Presidency under suspicion of rigging by homeland and foreign hackers. And Hillary came in the first week and did this. Good grief!! The Republicans would absolutely go insane. Unfortunately for this bunch of hateful lairs they own it, they did it, and they will suffer the outcome. THEY BUILT THIS. AND THEY OWN IT. AND THEY WILL PAY FOR IT.


  4. we have a new class of legislators: banana republicans!

    re: koch brothers, saw charles is mounting a multi-million dollar campaign against trump over the border tax.

    interesting how he has gone from mexico will pay for the wall to u.s. citizens will pay for the wall via higher costs from import taxes. mike from iowa correct that this action by charles is to protect and increase the koch wealth but still glad to see them fighting the trumpster.

    with all of the sh***t hitting the fan, hope congress does not lose sight of their desire to follow through on investigating russian influence. seem blotus just keeps blowing up one thing after another to keep anyone from focusing on any one thing long enough to hold his feet to the fire.


    1. dave p- I use the koch bros as a metaphor for the 1% for the most part. The koch bros have nearly destroyed Wisconsin with their paid puppet Walker.

      They have their hooks in South Dakota so deep that wingnuts in Dakota blame outside influences for the corruption in that state, except the koch bros aren’t considered outsiders there. Unbelievable. If I didn’t see these things going on, you would never convince me this could ever happen in America. 🙂


  5. Who infiltrated the big GOP lobbyist meeting? Oh there must be damaging info coming soon. And the Major Democratic Leaders and President Obama and VP Biden will talk to the American people soon. Yea……for America.


  6. Susan Collins of Maine and Murkowski of Alaska have said they will vote against DeVos confirmation. Dems need more help. However, I am afraid the majority wingnuts have something up their sleeves to make sure all their choices get confirmed. Oh to be a constitutional/ gubmint scholar about right now.


    1. mike from iowa,
      Collins is my hero as she took on mark sullivan at thehearing about the SEcret Service after the Colombia incident.


  7. Ms Malia- when I get my superpowers and clean up DC, Collins is the only wingnut Senator I plan to spare, if she swears to caucus with Dems from here on out. Blue dog Dems in the house and senate won’t fare so well. First I will clean up the mess in DC and then eradicate all traces of wingnut rule in all states and then I go after terrorists , gangs, militias and the wealthy who prey on the poor-among others.


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