Sarah Palin is “Murkying-Up” the English Language

As Sarah Palin desperately tries to stay relevant, she proves that she is not.  Now that her PAC doesn’t exist and she can’t afford “consultants” to write for her, we witness first-hand the decimation of the English Language by Sarah Palin.  If it was just a Tweet or post to her Facebook, we’d realize that there was nobody checking what Sarah wrote.  However it’s Breitbart that featured a piece written by Palin, defending Trump’s ban on Muslim immigration.  Featuring a title of “Fake News on Steroids” Palin said:

“The misinformed are ballistically knee-jerking because they aren’t used to candidates fulfilling campaign promises. Perhaps it’s shocking because we’re used to swamp dwellers murkying up the waters once typical politicians get elected, but that’s exactly why a typical politician wasn’t elected. The status quo has got to go.”


At the outset, this is not “fake” news.  Trump did sign an Executive Order that prevented immigration of Muslims from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.  The exception to the executive order is that Christians trying to immigrate from these countries are allowed into the United States.  Hence, the law is unconstitutional on its face because the decision to allow immigrants to enter is based on religious affiliation.


President Trump’s executive order banning immigrants from 7 predominantly Muslim countries went into effect Friday night. Refugees who were in the air, flying to the U.S., were stopped and detained upon arrival.

Trump’s order prevents all refugees from entering the U.S. for 120 days. It also suspends admission of Syrian refugees indefinitely.  As of now, it is unclear how many refugees and immigrants are being detained under Trump’s executive order. Several legal complaints have been filed, among them complaints from the ACLU and the International Refugee Assistance Project.

Google has recalled its travelling staff members back to the US after Trump issued the order.  Google said it is concerned about the order and any measures which could block great talent from the US, reported the BBC on Saturday.

 The restrictions against travel by Muslims to America… are an open affront against the Muslim world and the Iranian nation in particular and will be known as a great gift to extremists.
Even if you favor violation of the US Constitution by ignoring the prohibition of discrimination based on religion, surely anyone versed in the English language recognizes that “MURKYING” IS NOT A WORD FOUND IN THE DICTIONARY.  It is an adjective and can’t be made into a verb by adding “ing”.  It is, once again, an example of the ignorance of Sarah Palin.  Somebody please tell her that those squiggly red lines under a word on her computer are not there to make the page more colorful!



8 thoughts on “Sarah Palin is “Murkying-Up” the English Language

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  1. “When I was chosen to run for vice president of the United States, I prayed voters would see through the media haze to see who we, as candidates, really were. Maybe I didn’t pray hard enough…”

    We saw quite well, dumb@ss, perfect 20/20.
    Careful what you pray for!


  2. Malia – Sarah always tries to use big words and always fails! She needs to invest in a dictionary! Sarah failed to mention if you are a “Christian” with a visa or green card and want back into the US, you are waved on through by DHS. What happens if you are a US citizen and Muslim and you are returning from a vacation? Are passports going to be scrutinized too?

    All of Trump’s executive orders have been done fast and furious in a week so they had to have been working on them since November 8th. He has 4 years to complete his mission so why the rush?

    Below is a photo of the man Sarah endorsed and supports = POTUS 45. This photo shows him hefting himself (and his fat ass) in to a helicopter.
    If this photo doesn’t show him how disgustingly overweight and unfit he is, what will? Obviously he needs to lay off the fast food and start walking up to the 2nd floor of the WH instead of taking the elevator.


  3. Palin is a non-stop embarrassment to the U.S.

    You are right, Malia, to keep her in your cross-hairs of comment because we need to make Americans apprised of her ignorance and illiteracy as long as she insists on trying to regain legitimacy.


  4. Not a single Muslim extremist from any of the seven designated countries has ever committed an act of terrorism on American soil.

    But residents of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, and other US “allies” are exempt, even though their citizens have committed acts of terrorism here. By coincidence, these are also countries where Trump has commercial interests.

    The executive order mis-cites the relevant immigration statute. Ed Whelan wonders if this means the Office of Legal Counsel is out of the loop:

    Wingnut Senators McCain and Graham say this executive order was not vetted through proper channels at state. defense; legal counsel and other depts. None of the other EOs have been properly vetted either.


  5. Merde. Drama.

    Dumbass freaked out when saw the red line and was told not to cross it.
    However, now resting with a crunch wrap and vodka Red Bull.

    Notice how quickly she is assimilating!
    “Putin. Oh Putin. Over here. I see your pecks from my house!”

    She should be worrying about the revolution and how she is going to get spaghetti O’s and alphabet soup.


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