Rachel Maddow Points Out the Absurdity of Trump’s Ban

On Holocaust Remembrance Day Rachel Maddow points out the absurdity of Trump’s ban on Muslim immigration.



5 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow Points Out the Absurdity of Trump’s Ban

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  1. Rachel calls it. So does Keith Olbermann on Bill Maher. So does Malcolm Nance, former CIA operative. Read “The Plot To Hack America.” He spells it out clearly.

    We are being punked by Bannon, Trump and Putin so as to establish anarchy and chaos. Textbook for paving the way for a totalitarian government.

    I predict the banning of protests, limited press, and a police state created by a contrived emergency. Soon.

    However I am thinking that the tech heads are working on ways to guard this fragile world that has been so obviously assaulted by Putin and the puppet pissidente. They are powerful men and are ticked off in no uncertain words.

    I am calling, writing and generally bugging legislators. We are organizing and coordinating with the Move Forward resistance.

    The fun part is that a lot of us in this small burg are old hippie protesters from way back. We are good at warming up the young, enthusiastic, and well schooled kids who are now appearing with much zeal. They have this raw amazement when they ask us about Vietnam and Kent State …. we fill in with some details about Woodstock too!


  2. Day dreaming about what Our Ancestors would do?

    I think all living President’s should step forward together today publicly and calm America.
    President Obama, Bush, Clinton, Carter must return to white house and speak to America.

    The United States Military should take over the white house and buildings, remove all trump operatives. Shut down all trump orders. And arrange an immediate new election using paper ballot. This is an emergency to our nation and we have few remedies but to correct the wrong. Never allow an unvetted criminal on the usa ballot again.

    Who is in charge at the Federal Election Committee? And why did they allow this crime?


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