Chuck Todd Confronts Reince Priebus on Unconstitutionality of Muslim Ban

This was the interview held November 21, 2016.

Watch and Listen to the interview this weekend.




3 thoughts on “Chuck Todd Confronts Reince Priebus on Unconstitutionality of Muslim Ban

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  1. The scariest part of this interview is at the end when they debate what Trump has said about adding Bannon to the National Security Council and the seeming downgrading of military and intelligence leaders to attend when the topic is relevant. How can ANY NSC meeting not be relevant to the conduct of their jobs? This nonsense is what keeps Trump ignorant and “believing” things from what he reads and his very SMALL circle of cronies who share his alternate universe.


  2. We need to have a complete and total shutdown of all Trumpsters on legitimate news media until our leaders can figure what the hell is going on.
    All Trump information ministers should be identified in a nationwide registry. They should be waterboarded until they tell the truth, because waterboarding works. Waterboarded or worse. Those who claim to be Christians should be sent back to wherever they came from. They’re criminals and rapists, but some of them might be good people. They’re terrorists, armed with alt-facts and alt-reality.


  3. Steve! I’m with you on this. From day 1 of the Twilight Zone 2017, I wondered if it would be possible to have a No Trump news source.
    I want to get up and not be depressed by news of whatever the idiot and his knuckle dragging staff did to screw US citizens and the rest of the world. You want to drive Trump nuts, ignore him, make him invisible.


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