Trump Won the Election But Controversies Remain


Just because Donald Trump won the 2016 election doesn’t mean he isn’t still the target of multiple scandals.  Allegations of wrong doing were lodged before the election, and they persist.  Perhaps they are even more problematic since Trump is now the President.  Allegations that persist include:

  1.  Allegations of sexual misconduct spanning decades.
  2. Beauty pageant scandals.
  3. Racial discrimination
  4. Mafia Ties
  5. Trump University
  6. Tenant Intimidation
  7. Four Bankruptcies
  8. Use and abuse of undocumented Polish workers.
  9. Marital Rape
  10. Multiple Violations of NY Gaming Rules
  11. Anti trust violations and fines
  12. Condo Hotel Misrepresentations
  13. Corey Lewandowski problems
  14. Suits by Trump reveal multiple lies
  15. Refusal to Pay workers and contractors
  16. Trump used campaign donations to buy his own book and line his pocket
  17. Trump used undocumented models
  18. Trump foundation-He appears to have used foundation dollars for inappropriate causes.
  19. Violations of the Cuban Embargo.

The conclusion is that the Trump Presidency may be one of the shortest on record.



30 thoughts on “Trump Won the Election But Controversies Remain

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  1. He is illegitimate. He is not president. He may not even be a trump. He does not look like his brothers and sisters. He looks like a spawn of the devil.


      1. He sure acts like it. we may need nato to come in. I really don’t like to be pessimistic and I would maybe feel sorry for someone like don if he would not have run for president. Our country does not have the time or money to play global assprentice in alt reality show. The entire group must go go go now. Anyone that voted for this? are not for America.

        This entire crazy show is to save don from his personal business debt collection and make friends more money. It is outrageous to consider this rigged election legit and legal. I do not believe 33% of voting americans would vote for such criminals without the alt fox fake news. Those viewers have been brainwashed and will not change the channel.


  2. Drumpf won the election (as underhanded and illegal as it may have been) but, I have never seen a more butt hurt winner, ever. He demands adulation for being Drumpf and he is not receiving it and it drives him batty. A spoiled, petulant little four year old child. What did America do wrong to deserve this monstrosity?


  3. We should be so lucky as to have this orange ass impeached – SOON. He really does not want the job, just the adulation and business contacts.


  4. It looks like Donald and Kellyanne are having a stress race to see who cracks first. Conway looks like she’s on the verge of suicide, Trump only moments from heart attack or stroke.
    Melania looked like she was wearing a cilice (hidden spiked chain that causes pain) from “DaVinci Code” on inauguration day. Don’s gonna have a hard time with her now that they are in the spotlight. His beatings and mistreatment will be easily exposed.
    I’m not into organized religion, but the white christians have hoisted the golden calf on to the Tower of Babylon. They look down and spit on Muhammad and his people. Shit’s gonna get real for people who own Towers.


  5. Trump and the Clintons are prime examples of what happens when one doesn’t receive help one needs. We as a country should have never been put in a position to choose between abuser VS abusers. Truly of the same kind, with different sources of hurt. The only positive thing I will say is it really does appear Bill and Donald love their grandchildren and I believe it’s true that Bill’s biggest goal is to ensure Chelsea never knows the hurt he experienced as a kid. I also get the same feeling form Todd, who clearly loves his children as well and it’s been said by his wife and daughter he too had a rough early life. Without meeting Sarah’s stable family, things might have ended badly for him, but that’s speculation. I think Bill’s friendship with GHW Bush is good for him in the same way. This is why it’s imperative the media stops bullying. It only makes the world worse and creates problems for us democrats who look like assholes. We need a judgment-free society and to remember people who are famous have good families who care for them.


    1. DesAlicia what a crock. You don’t know anything about any of those people, so why pretend? Get your own sorry life in order and give your elderly parents a break from your insanity. Why are you claiming to be a Democrat when you hate liberals? Lose some weight so that you don’t look like a walking butterball turkey. Isn’t that you on page 3, wearing blue, and looking just like your Mama?


      1. G. Rice, I think this is the old one. here is the more recent one–


      1. The choice was between 15 clowns and one known sexual predator, one socialist, one ding dong and one green lady sitting in Russia…..

        Senator Clinton is a woman that worked hard all her life for this election and she was denied because of FAKE NEWS, LIARS AND NASTY EVIL MEN. Nasty dirty lousy evil men and their sex problems.

        She stood by her wedding vows thru better and worst and she was attacked and assaulted by liars for her exceptional career, lifetime of achievements and service. She is more than qualified to be president and should not have been judged by lousy lying nasty men and their media buddies. America let her down and RUSSIA ARRANGED IT.


    2. There is a slight difference between President Clinton and trump. Mr. Clinton used bad judgement, was set up, and likes women. Trump is a predator, abuser, assaults, lies and is evil. Huge difference when treating. And dealing with in society.



    Also Google: Cambridge Analytica and Das Magazin.
    Scary. Beyond Sarah Palin-running-the-country- scary.

    The long game of Putin is being surgically implemented. So we have to do grass roots organizing just like the tea baggers who are facilitating this scary legislation got there in the first place. Locally we are organizing and calling, writing and speaking to Congressmen’s offices starting with our immediate precincts. We cannot afford to be apathetic. Our democracy and lives depend on whatever we DO.We have to fight back with good policy instead of politics at this point on the ground and engage our fellow citizens.

    Bannon is on the board of Cambridge so we will be hearing his message through Trump until Pence takes over after Trump is outed.

    In the meantime, the ND legislature is giving permission to run over Indians protesting DAPL while the MN legislature is trying to make protesting illegal. They are also pushing to have local jurisdiction over fracking non-existent.

    We are almost toast.
    But. Not. Yet.


  7. What a week

    Sarah just put me in charge of Sarah pack. Funds are a little low right now but they should pick up once putin pac sends some more rubles and oxycotin.

    Trump is pissing off commander Putin. Putin wants more people deported and more money imported to Russia.

    Putin is helping trump out with some very important stuff. He has his hackers photoshopping pictures of trumps inauguration. It looks like there are 300 million people there. All trump had to pay was all the gold in fort knox. not a bad negotiator.

    Trump care is working well. Trump just bought a bunch of cemataries and creamatoriums. He has todd and his goons running around hospitals un plugging old people. He really is a jobs president.

    lets see what next week brings.


    1. Painchipeater,
      I am relieved to know that you will be in charge of PAC funds in the future. Maybe you could set aside funds for building a day care center for Trig and all of Sarah’s grandkids.


  8. koch bros know a good idea when they see one. They are setting up Saul Alinsky schools to train wingnut community organizers, that is right. community organizers just as the best Potus ever started out as. That has to hurt some wingnut pride somewhere.


  9. Gallup sez- On Sunday Jan. 22, two days after being sworn in, 45 percent of respondents said they disapproved of Trump’s job performance and 45 percent approved. By Friday Jan. 27, the percentage who disapproved rose to 50 and percentage who approved dipped to 42.

    Drumpf lost 8 points in just his first week. Like to find a diet that generous. Bwahahahahahaha


  10. Didn’t Melania say she would focus on bullying?

    Um – has she looked at the behavior of the man who’s old orange penis she puts into her asshole like a subservient Slovenian bride?


    1. ps. this may or may not be about any particular melania, as there are multiple women from Slovenia named Melania, many of whom allegedly are into orange penises, especially anally.


  11. I think we all know Milania married for money to get out of the poverty she lived in. So poor she was doing porno and centerfold shots for extra money and who knows what else. He took advantage of a girl 30 years his senior and she took advantage of a dirty old white man with $$$ who loves gabbing ONLY BEAUTIFUL WOMEN’S PUSSY’s. He made that clear. Therefore KellyAnne has nothing to worry about! Thank goodness for her she’s UGLY bc he said he wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole!

    He set Milania up in her part of the mansion. Gave her fake degrees to look like he married into money and education. He didn’t! Gave her a professional title FASHION DESIGNER to look accomplished–she steels designs because she has no taste OR BRAINS. He can take advantage of his wife any time he likes. Because you’re right the ABUSE WON’T BE HIDDEN NOW. At least I hope not so we can boot him out!

    But that was me in that clip when she went from smiling to down right petrified of what would come later that day behind closed doors. I know that look because I lived it. I got raped by my husband several times just like Milania his first wife and no doubt Marla. They got paid $MILLIONS to keep their mouths and putuas (vaginas) shut! If you think NOT? you are naïve. He is going to rape America the same way he did his 3 wives and those 13-14 year old girls and models. Of which I think Milania was one of them.


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