Celebrate!!! The End of Sarah PAC is Here!


For years Sarah Palin has been using SarahPAC to entice people to give her money.  Elderly and retired innocent people were the primary donors to SarahPAC.  From the beginning SarahPAC was used by Sarah Palin to fund her extravagant lifestyle.  While purporting to support political candidates that were fiscally conservative, Palin was guilty of excessive spending.  For example in the 2016 election cycle, Palin’s Sarah PAC spent $830,000 on consultants but only gave candidates for office $82,500.  Thus only 10% of the funds raised went to candidates, and Sarah paid “consultants” to promote herself.  Sarah’s PAC also spent $168,000 on travel and lodging expenses during the 2016 election, thus funding Sarah elaborate lifestyle.

Even at the height of donations, Sarah PAC raised $5.6 million and spent $4.3 million. Just $509,000 of that total — less than 12 percent of total expenditures — went to either candidates or political/party committ

What the closure of Palin’s PAC — and the remarkably small amount of spending on actual candidates for office — makes clear is that “a) her time as a national leader for Republicans is over and b) Palin’s prime interest was never really anything other than promoting her own political brand.”  “Promoting her own political brand” translates into “promoting herself.”  As she has made clear she is not loyal to one politicians ideology.  She is only loyal to herself.  Ask Ted Cruz and Rick Perry about her loyalty, or lack thereof.




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  1. For a short bony fingered simpleton she sure has a big mouth open wide for something. Did don give her a job? Head of toxic waste? Head of rape kits and domestic abuse? How about rigging the election with her obsessive trolling of those that cannot stand her con way. Maybe head madam for the human trafficking and modeling agency.


  2. I love this song. I play it often. It lifted my spirit. Thanks Malia. I really needed that today while fighting for America Democracy anyway I can.


  3. “It was fun while it lasted”. She really raked in the money from so many simple minded folks. They had to be simple to fall for all of the nonsense. Really sad as some of them really could not afford their monthly payments.
    Sarah!! You are an ass and a parasite!! You and your family lived off of this money for years and you are totally disgusting!!


    1. hear hear, I second that. I know a few people scammed by her. Family and Senior Citizens in Sun City Arizona. The Republican party would call day and night to pressure them for money for the last 8yrs.


  4. Malia – Finally! The Wasilla loon is done! She scammed and conned people out of millions so she could spend it on herself, her family, and living vibrantly! The donors got nothing in return. She should have spent some of the money on Trig and got him the therapy and education he needs instead of spending money on 2nd homes, float planes, new vehicles, limo rides, designer clothes – including ugly shoes, expensive sunglasses, and LV handbags!
    I went in to her Facebook and read this story about the PAC closure. Under the comment section, people were complaining about her new website and how difficult it was to maneuver through it. Some people suggested it had been “hacked”. LOL


  5. I’m glad if that PAC is finally shutting down. Its conspicuous role was to line Palin’s pockets. Period. However what angers me as much as Palin’s blatant misuse of funds to keep her Hillbilly family living in a style they hadn’t earned is that fact that the laws around PACs in general are so loose as to permit this flagrant misuse.

    She is not alone in getting away with preposterous expenditures, from paying family members, paying staff to decking out a charter bus for a “family vacation”. (With respect to this last item, why would the expense of a bus be paid for from PAC monies if her explicit use was for a vacation?)

    Shame on us for permitting a political system stoop this low and permit the flotsam and jetsam in the House and Senate have PACS that are their private wallets?


  6. What ticks me off is that $he got all those Millions of $$$ TAX FREE! And, of course, that $he got away with it for such a long time, and that there were so many rubes that believed her and gave her their hard earned money.

    At least, for now, $he is silenced and has been forced to start using her own $$$ to defend her offspring and pay them. Because, if $he DARES to stop payments to them and the others who know too much, the dike of silence will break, and the truth will not be able to stay contained anymore.


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