CHOP, CHOP! Sarah’s Courtroom Show Get’s the Ax Before She Can Quit!

 Imagine the absurdity of a person with no legal training pretending to be a judge!  Imagine the absurdity of a person with no common sense presiding over a Courtroom of Common Sense!  The Montana-based production company Warm Spring signed Palin to do a pilot show in an effort to sell the show to networks.  However the project was abruptly halted when audiences had a negative reaction to the pilot episode.  The audience called “bullshit” on the notion that Palin was competent to be a judge.
 The test audience immediately identified Palin as lacking credibility as a judge.
Thus the project was scrubbed before one episode of Palin Rules was ever aired.  Sarah won’t be able to quit this show as it will never be made.
A pattern seems to be emerging from Sarah’s reality shows.  Sarah Palin’s Alaska only aired for one season before it was put on the chopping block.
Perhaps the Palin family should try for a reality show that would reflect the real life drama of the Palin family.  Imagine the number of people who would tune in if the truth was on display about the Palin family.  Todd could keep viewers interested by talking about his career as a pimp, and the policemen and politicians he blackmailed.  Sarah could feature advice on getting people to give her money as she claimed to be a fiscal conservative, while chartering private planes, and staying in luxury hotels.  Bristol could have a different sexual partner every week, and a different child each season.  She could pee in different places, and teach audiences new curse words each episode.
Trig could be interviewed every episode explaining how hard it is to be left out of every family outing, and spending his life wondering who his real mother is.  Track could beat up a different woman every week, and every season sire another offspring out of wedlock. Willow could vandalize different houses every season, and use her training to dye Piper’s hair a different color every week.
Every week the show could conclude with one or more of the Palins shooting guns with children.
dm-gun-three-babydakota-tripp-gun dakota-meyer-gun-baby-threedakota-meyer-gun-baby-twodakota-meyer-gun-babybristol-tripp-gun-sailor

13 thoughts on “CHOP, CHOP! Sarah’s Courtroom Show Get’s the Ax Before She Can Quit!

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  1. I am actually surprised that they did not want her with no expertise at all. I mean, look at all the clowns the top clown, the Orange a$$hat, is putting in all the high places! They have absolutely no experience, and no knowledge on what to do – and the GOP is lapping it up and giving their stamp of approval all over them…


  2. Duh looks like he fits in perfectly. Seems so odd to focus on teaching kids about assault rifles to me. I have known gun owners and competition shooters in my lifetime. But to make guns such a center in their life is strange. I have read cases of children like this that grow up angry and shoot their family members for making them grow up in a dysfunctional odd setting. Kids need many types of hobbies and interest to grow and thrive.


    1. Well, Bristol has always believed in giving kids a well-rounded life. No worries there. Her kids will be more than hunters. And remember, Sarah had the best parents who taught the importance of nature and hunting for food, as well as made sure their kids had normal lives – just like Sarah did with her kids. I don’t understand your comment.


      1. Fake named desiree You don’t even know any of them, and you are a HUUUGE burden on your Liberal Parents. Go find a job, loser.


      2. Oh really? Yes we know how miss heath and her brood is so down to earth and fan of nature. More like drugs, brawls, guns, pollution and no education.
        Oh and that manly pimp of a husband…….so classy.


  3. Semantics. She quit before they cancelled it. That’s her story and she’s sticking to it. Sarah don’t want to lose her quit cred.


  4. Piper is what, 9 years old in that picture, with a hairdo and makeup of a twenty-something?
    What does she care? Now that SARAHPAC has fulfilled its’ purpose of supporting all the kids, and is set to therefore close, she’s surely got a brand new SARAHPAC-funded SUV waiting for her when she gets her driver’s license in a few months – she’ll be able to independently ferry drugs to her unemployed mother.


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