President Trump is More Offensive than Candidate Trump!

On Saturday Trump gave a speech to members of the CIA.  Before the election, Trump attacked the CIA, threatening to down-size the agency, due to his perception that they reported Russian hacking in the election as a way to question the legitimacy of his election.


Here is the full speech Trump gave last Saturday at CIA headquarters:

 These are quotes from the short speech:

“They” (the dishonest media) treated him nicely yesterday(the day of the inauguration).

There is nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community than Donald Trump.

I am so behind you.

You’re going to get so much backing.

Military and law enforcement community voted …big portion voted for him.  We are on the same wave length.  Have to get rid of ISIS.  Radical Islamic terrorism must be eradicated.

We had a great transition.  Wehad an amazing team of talent.

We had such tremendous, tremendous success.

You’re going to do a phenomenal job.

It went so quickly.  I’d see 6,7,8 people for a position.

General Mattis, and General Kelly, fantastic guy, got approved.

People respect that military sense.

I know a lot about West Point.

I’m a person who strongly believes in academics.

Trust me, I’m a smart person.

You’ll be getting a total star.

We have some great people going in.

I feel young

I feel like I’m 30.

This group will make us winners again.

In the campaign I’d stop 7 times a day to give a speech in front of thousands of people.

I am with you 1000 percent.

I have a running war with the media.

THey are among the most dishonest human beings.

Did everyone like the speech yesterday ( at the inauguration).

Debated the attendance at the inauguration.  We have something that was amazing.   250,000 people was a lie.  We caught them in a beauty.

Statute of MLK in oval office, Churchill statute taken out.  Reporter for magazine Time, I’ve been on cover 15 times.They said Trump took down statute of MLK Jr.  This is how dishonest the media is.  

I love honesty.

You’re going to do a fantastic job.

In addition to his self-aggrandizing remarks, Trump uttered “… words that are 1) morally repugnant, 2) certain to be exploited as a recruiting tool by America’s terrorist enemies, and 3) likely to help foreign adversaries diminish America’s reputation and power.   His words now have global consequences. They reached, for example, a 27-year-old Iraqi who is fighting ISIS. Here is how he responded: “I participated in the attack against the Americans by attacking them with mortars and roadside bombs, and I’m ready to do it again,” he told war correspondent Borzou Daragahi. “We kept our ammunition and weapons from the time the Americans left for fighting ISIS. But once ISIS is gone we will save our weapons for the Americans.” Is America well served by a president who needlessly evokes that reaction?

 Trump’s speech at the Memorial Wall was more like a campaign speech, than a speech to inspire the members of the CIA. The speech was offensive in both style and substance.  Trump cracked jokes, made thinly veiled threats and disrespected many Americans.  One person in attendance responded to Trump’s words with this explanation:

Few things are sacred in our government. Even fewer command equal respect from people on both sides of the aisle.

The C.I.A. Memorial Wall is one of those things.

When the 81st star was carved into the wall in 2003, the fallen patriot’s name was not added to the accompanying Book of Honor. At the time, his C.I.A. affiliation was classified, as it remained for nearly six more years. I will never forget seeing his family at the ceremony, knowing they could not tell their loved ones the truth about his death. He died with nobody knowing who he was or what he did for our country. But I believe that is how he would have wanted it, because, as the former C.I.A. director Leon E. Panetta said when finally revealing my friend’s name in 2009, “He lived for a purpose greater than himself.”

Mistakes are made, internal debates occur, but mission always comes ahead of self. Republicans and Democrats serve side by side, with the singular goal of providing the best possible intelligence and analysis to allow policy makers to make informed decisions. I certainly had my disagreements and clashes in those halls, and eventually left the agency, but I always knew that political ideology had no place in our work.

In Mr. Trump’s rambling, 15-minute speech, he made only one reference to the memorial, saying, “The wall behind me is very, very special,” before pivoting to his familiar mode of narcissistic diatribe, peppered with the occasional misplaced joke.

He used my former agency to advance his own delusional vision of grandeur. When I see our president use a wall that symbolizes the ultimate sacrifice as a backdrop for his vanity, I cannot play down its seriousness. And when he borrows a line straight from a dictator’s playbook — “Probably almost everybody in this room voted for me, but I will not ask you to raise your hands if you did” — I cannot remain silent.

There is a tradition of presidents speaking to the C.I.A. staff during difficult times, when morale is low or officers have concerns about administration policies. Past presidents have paid homage to the sacrifices of those who work behind a veil of secrecy without public accolades. When they visit, they speak with humility and appreciation, and they do not speak about themselves. They encourage, they inspire and they thank.

And they do not invite the press.

“There are few signs of patriotism more powerful than offering to serve out of the limelight,” President Obama said to C.I.A. staff members in 2009. “You serve courageously, but your courage is only known to a few. You accomplish remarkable things, but the credit you receive is the private knowledge that you’ve done something to secure this country.”

In my years of service, and since, I never imagined that it would be the president himself who would denigrate our very institutions and those who serve faithfully. Mr. Trump’s speech on Saturday was, for me, a terrifying display of the dangerous way in which he will govern. It also showed his complete disregard for the very people we rely on to keep us safe, including my friend Gregg Wenzel.”


Now that Donald Trump is President, his speeches have consequences. His speeches should no longer be about himself, but about Americans.  Instead of suggesting that the media lies, he should make sure that he never lies.  Instead of talking about what a fantastic job he is doing, he should start doing a fantastic job.  Instead of saying that he “loves honesty” he should try being honest.  The members of the CIA who died serving this country deserve better than Trump.  Come to think of it, we All deserve better than Donald Trump.


18 thoughts on “President Trump is More Offensive than Candidate Trump!

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  1. We need to let the world know that 72% of Americans do not support this person, this administration. Due to lazy voters and the twisted logic of electoral votes, a mentally insane person and big business took over the country with the help of only 28% of the voters. We can only pray that the collateral damage to innocent people is minimal when the rest of the world reacts.
    We are going to be attacked by terrorists and possibly other nations. The baby boomers of the rest of the world still have memories of Hitler followed by USSR invading Eastern Europe. What they are hearing is Hitler and Kruschev.


  2. It appears honesty is not part of his nature in any way, shape, or form. His dishonesty is a fundamental component of his nature. It defines him. He just makes stuff up to serve his narcissistic grandiosity. I suspect he has always been this way.


  3. Everywhere I went today people were angry frightened and uncomfortable. yep. And all this dangerous stress just gave me a diagnose of cancer. But I swear I will not quit fighting for that man to be impeached and removed from office. He is toxic.


  4. Oh and get this. As I’m laying on the table before the biopsy and waiting to be knocked out, I said to the healthcare worker, hey sister what about all those women marching? She said, What the heck are they doing, who puts those stupid women up to that? I looked up and thought, oh shit. And then she put me out.


  5. We had a resistance meeting last evening in our small burgh and had over 40 people in attendance. We are a small blue dot in a bright red MN county. We are going to organize , write, run for office at the very local levels on up and keep peacefully protesting.
    I read the news and commentary all over the internet and we are encouraged by the number of resisters who are doing the same.
    The majority of the world is against all things that orange cheeto can throw at us. He is no leader but we are prepared for Pence too as that is inevitable.
    Maybe this is an overly simplistic approach, but hey…. we are taking the plays straight from the tea partiers!


  6. Malia – Apparently “alternative facts” are the norm for the Trump administration. Trump referred to himself in the third person when he gave the speech at the CIA last weekend. It was surreal! It is claimed by multiple sources that Trump brings an entourage with him to cheer and applaud at these events. Is it possible that he is more deranged since he became POTUS? Alarming as his first week in office has been with him signing executive orders and LYING, he has called for an investigation into voter fraud. He is doing this even though he won the election! Apparently he can’t handle the REAL fact – Hillary Clinton won the popular vote!


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