Track Palin Exemplifies Republican Values Re Treatment of Women



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  1. Somehow I missed that Track now has a second child. The first one produced a ‘shotgun wedding’ (which takes on a new meaning with him) and then divorce. Now he’s got a second child and is threatening his ex-girlfriend. He may well have PTSD, but more likely he’s just behaving like a Palin. Going forward, I hope Alaska women who date him take contraceptives!


    1. BW,
      Yes, Sarah tried to suggest he was suffering from PTSD, but the evidence is Track never saw combat and spent his time int he service driving a jeep.


  2. Malia —
    While reading the story about Track on Radar (from your link above), I almost missed the good news that SP’s law court show got cancelled before it got off the ground. I guess there was no advertising interest there.

    We might finally be witnesses to her demise in the press. A VERY long 15 minutes of fame indeed!


  3. Some people are really good at spinning a story – eg. Palin, Trump, Kelleyanne Conway, etc., etc. But a lie is a lie.
    Their motto must be, “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes a truth”.
    As to Track – some will still maintain his problems started with his military service. I think anyone who has followed the Palins know his problems go back many years. Unfortunately in that family and environment I don’t think he or his siblings had a fair chance.
    Sarah can preach all she wants – we know what she is.


    1. With all due respect, then why don’t any of the others have the same problem? And why was he in a good relationship in high school with no problems in school? I don’t mean to sound trollish, but these are facts that there were no red flags prior to 2 years ago.


    2. To continue my comment, after he realized he wasn’t happily married and they filed their joint paperwork for dissolution, 3 years went by with no child-related drama and they pretty evenly shared their daughter. (Or if he was working, a sister babysat etc).

      I guess what I am alluding to is, it sounds like to me something finally clicked recently and it spiraled. I think many know what I am talking about at least secondhand, if not first. This is someone who is not comfortable receiving attention and someone we’ve heard firsthand say he hates to see his sisters attacked. I know I know, weird considering the girlfriend treatment. And weirder that he was never that way with the ex wife, still a longtime friend of the family. I think because it appears to be solely anger and has never been drug-related, there is more hope. Every family has a “hurt” relative no one knows how to help. There is a reason others of national prominence don’t regularly bring certain people into the limelight. Respect. We’ve recently seen beloved movie stars fall pretty far in personal turmoil.


      1. Yeah right, that is why Track was called ‘CAIN’T GET RIGHT’ all through High School, because he was always fighting and using oxycontin . Even his biological father, Curtis Menard Jr., stated that if he was late to Track’s High School hockey game, Track would already have been kicked out for fighting. ALICIA FROM FLORIDA, you have been posting Track worship comments all over Radaronline, even though you have never met any of the Palins. You are a LIAR, and an internet stalker. James and Linda Mangelsdorf are suffering from your presence. You might be in worse shape than Track, mentally.


  4. No one ever ‘splained loving to assault and/or threaten women is not a good type of love to share. Who to blame? Seriously you can’t expect to hold the party of personal responsibility personally responsible for being irresponsible. That would be silly. It must have been Obama’s fault. (tic)


    1. mike from iowa,
      I’m sure it was Obama’s fault that Trump made a habit of kissing women and grabbing them by the pussy. Imagine the outrage that Sarah must feel because Obama caused her husband to be a pimp and her son to abuse women.


  5. Who knows what Track flip the switch a couple years ago. I extend healing vibes and non-judgment as I, nor anyone here, know him. We do know that Sarah has never claimed perfection. We do know that democrats call out GOP frailties while ignoring or defending an abusive Clinton.


  6. Today while watching the trump speak, he stood up and walked up to a woman at the union meeting. He had the same creepy look as the pussy grabber day and looked at that woman the same way. Yuck. He is so gross.


    1. Hi,
      The frightening thing is that now that the scandal was revealed, and he still got elected, I’m sure he feels that was a vote of confidence, and this is all part of making America great again!


    2. Just a reminder that “Sarah has never claimed perfection” because she cannot spell it. After all, what spells perfection any better than snorting coke off oil drums while snowmobiling. Snowmobiling is done with snow mobiles. Not snow machines which are usually busy making snow for ski slopes in the desert in Dubai.
      You need to really stretch those healing vibes while remaining non- judgemental to accommodate Democrats who are calling out frailties of the most illegitimate thrice married imposter ever to grace our White House.
      Bill and Hillary are still married and enjoying each other and their successful offspring … much like Sarah and Todd, I am sure.

      Touche’, Sushi.


  7. Clinton has, to my knowledge, has never been charged with abuse of anyone. Crooked Hillary has never been indicted, charged, tried or convicted of a single crime in the 35 years rwnj have harassed, libeled, slandered and flat out lied about her and Bill.


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