Trump Begins Presidency With “Alternative Facts”

Sean Spicer is the White House Press Secretary.  He declared that he is committed to always telling the truth.


This is the conference where he doubled down on the claim that Trump’s inauguration was the most watched presidential inauguration.


This is Kelly Conway explaining that Trump wasn’t telling a lie, but was explaining “alternative facts”.  She explained that “crowd size” was not important.


This is the picture that was posted this past weekend.


18 thoughts on “Trump Begins Presidency With “Alternative Facts”

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  1. Malia — I saw the funniest rebuttal to Trump’s assertions about crowd size, but I can’t get the JPG to paste into this box. Any suggestion/


      1. Malia — Have sent the JPG and some links to you yesterday. If you haven’t received them, pls check your SPAM folder.


  2. Donnie’s fragile ego was hurt biggly when he looked at the DC Mall photo, and then one of his staffers (no longer employed) whispered “the Nikon doesn’t lie” into his ear. Followed by TV ratings way below Obama’s inauguration. Followed by yuuuge worldwide resistance rallies. Sad!

    This isn’t new: the Trumplers have relied on alt-facts since the very beginning. Now those facts just have an official name. Period.

    Have we had enough of Kellyanne the Con yet? Look at that face. Who could like a face like that? Nobody. Believe me. That I can tell you. A total loser. Crooked. Rusted out abandoned American carnage, loaded with inner-city crime and drugs. Kellyanne speaks in concentric circles of evasive, run-on talking points until the interviewer forgets the question. She’d make a perfect Faux News contributor, provided that she gets a face lift and some other procedures. America first. Patriotism and loyalty.


  3. They are trying to establish a propaganda ministry in all but name only. He can fool the gullible who voted for him; the rest of us (the majority) can see right through it. It’s only going to get worse as he issues ‘veiled’ threats against the media and individuals. It’s already started with his surrogates and ‘alternative facts’ of course. The charade over at the CIA with a cheering section brought in to create a false reality was expected of this man/infant tinpot wanna-be dictator. We are going to see a lot of this.


  4. He and his pal Palin both have the same mentality. They continuously have to prove how great they are and need constant reassurance of their “greatness.” I don’t believe trump can last that long in office because it hurts his ego too much to be criticized. He has always been surrounded by yes men and now he has to face all the criticism from others. His fragile ego cannot take it. I cannot see him lasting a whole year.


  5. It is almost like these people have escaped from the scientology nuthouse compound. They look at us with those far away eyes, lie right to our face, defend criminal behavior and promote the most disgusting person to represent America.


    1. Hi Malia,
      It does seem that way. It is up to people like us to educate without being confrontational, because it seems so difficult for uninformed people to tell what is truth. Trump can lie at will and the lie is believed! Nobody hears the “alternative facts.”


      1. Malia, For over 18 months and longer people have tried to expose DJT and his organization of corruption. Where is the FEC and who vetted him? And where are the many agencies in place to protect America from this type of crime? I understand that this dangerous situation must be handled ethically and lawfully. I am still at awe that this person with his history and behavior could possibly be our president. I have trouble moving past that fact. This crazy nasty person rigged the election and is now dismantling the country. Good Grief!!!! Are there law firms handling cases of victims from this outrageous crime against americans?


  6. I believe it started before the elevator ride by hacking the ActBlue donors. Next, each donor and their family was attacked by hacking, fake emails, phone calls and hacking banks accounts. They have terrorized americans in different ways. Extortion, bribes, threats and set ups.
    The electronic voting machines were rigged in certain counties around the nation. When you clicked on a candidate it would auto change. Millions of ballots thrown out, not counted. Millions rigged overseas. Early ballots rigged.
    Fake news allowed over our media, internet and tv.
    Fox no news swayed the news for their brainless listeners to hate hillary.
    RNC was aggressive with phone calls to elderly.
    I believe they invaded americans personally by tracking phones, activity, hotel rooms and voting record. I believe that they used certain law officers, county supervisors and state representatives and certain groups to accomplish this major crime.
    It is so disgusting.
    There is so much more and it needs to be compiled and used to trap these evil criminal pigs.
    This is clearly the work of republicans, citizen united, Russians and certain corporations that aided. Such as PCmatic, Home depo, media, etc.
    Putting this crime and motivation together is a challenge but it is the most important crime to solve in usa history.


  7. Geez Malia! How about a warning when you post the lying ghoul! She is not aging well, great example of internal evil wearing down what was once a beautiful person.
    Truth be told I feel sorry for Ms. Conway. She is intelligent and a quick thinker. Totally wasted as a Trump minion. Reminds me of how Bush & Cheney ground down Dr. Rice.


  8. Imagine if, at a restaurant, your waiter said he would get back to you with your water and food. And then – 100 months later – you have still not received the food or the water, and you are still sitting there, extremely hungry. That is exactly what has happened with Sarah Palin not getting back to anyone after 100 months regarding what newspapers she reads. Only worse. Because a hungry mind is far more dangerous than a hungry body.


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