Sarah Palin Describes Her Marriage to the Pimp as One of “Great Personal Sacrifice” and a “Painful Death on a Cross”

It was January 19, 2011 that the National Enquirer broke the story that Todd Palin was a pimp.  That memorable article featured this picture of Todd and Sarah.

May 04, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Politician SARAH PALIN and her husband TODD PALIN attend the 2010 Time 100 Gala held at the Time Warner Center. (Credit Image: © Nancy Kaszerman/
This is the caption for the picture:  May 04, 2010 – New York, New York, U.S. – Politician SARAH PALIN and her husband TODD PALIN attend the 2010 Time 100 Gala held at the Time Warner Center.

While the picture was obviously taken at the same place and time there was another picture that included Piper.  It was featured in a June 2011 article from Hollywood Life.


This is the picture Sarah has posted today on Facebook:



This is Sarah’s post today:

“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.
1 John 3:16

Our culture gets love all wrong, dumbing it down to cheesy greeting cards and cliché romantic comedies. Cupid is held out as the symbol for love. Personally, I find an arrow being shot through your heart by a blindfolded flying baby pretty horrifying.

Todd and I have been together since he was a pup of sixteen and I was seventeen. I can tell you from experience that if your love can be summed up in a Hallmark card, it is not going to weather life’s inevitable storms.

Love my be blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener. It’s not based on emotions, but is deeply rooted in action and choice. Every day, you either choose to live sacrificially or choose to live selfishly. As C.S. Lewis reminded us, love is a verb and an action. It’s not a feeling.

There are days when I feel like loving Todd about as much as a bloody paper cut, and he, me…about as much as a whacked shin on a darkened staircase. Thankfully our marriage is not built on emotion. It’s rooted in the sacrificial love of our Savior. Jesus showed us that truly loving someone requires great personal sacrifice. After all, His love for His bride, the Church, led Him to a painful death on a cross.

Sweet Freedom in Action
Today, choose to surprise someone you love by sacrificing for them and doing something for them that you might not want to do but that they will love. Show them you love them.”

After six years of waiting for some type of acknowledgement that the pimp story was true, we now receive an indication from Sarah that the story is true.  Consider the following:

  1. The picture used by Sarah for a Facebook post in Jan. 2017 is almost identical to that used in the National Enquirer story from Jan. of 2011.  Obviously thousands of pictures have been taken of Todd and Sarah over the last six years.  Many other pictures depict more accurately what Sarah and Todd look like today.  Other pictures would more appropriately be used with her post, unless of course she WANTED to make reference to Todd being a pimp.  Examples might include pictures of his hospitalization or their wedding.
  2. Sarah posted this article almost on the anniversary of the story in National Enquirer.
  3. Neither Sarah or Todd have ever denied the story in spite of specific requests to Sarah and Todd and their attorneys.
  4. Sarah has reached the end of her career as a celebrity and my be desperately searching for a way to stay relevant.  If she were to admit now that she had been married to a pimp now, after all these years, she could play the victim once again.  She could probably sell her story to a magazine, and write a new book.
  5. Over the last year Sarah and Todd have usually been photographed alone.  Here are some examples:

palin-endorses-trump  palin-leather-five  palin-tan-hand  todd-and-trig-and-sailor  todd-palin-hospitalImage result for todd palin hospital willow piper

6.  As indicated this weekend, Sarah finds herself spending more than she brings in from Sarah PAC donations, and has not be selected by Trump for ANY job.

7.  Imagine any spouse describing her marriage as

-not based on emotions”

  -suggesting that staying married is a way of “living sacrificially”

  -indicating that there are days that she feels like “loving Todd as much as a bloody paper cut”

  -indicating that there are days when Todd loves her as much as whacking his shin on a darkened staircase

  -indicating that to love Todd requires “great personal sacrifice”

-comparable to dying on the cross.


We are watching the downward spiral of Sarah Palin.  She no longer has a job.  Her looks have faded.  She doesn’t make enough money to support her lifestyle, or that of her kids.  She is going to be a grandmother for the fifth/sixth time.  Nobody cares enough about her to even write stories about her in the media.  If she has no reason left to pretend to love Todd, there would be plenty of reasons to end the charade and separate or divorce Todd.


todd-palin-natl-enquirer-shailey-tripp  boys-will-be-boys-two


22 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Describes Her Marriage to the Pimp as One of “Great Personal Sacrifice” and a “Painful Death on a Cross”

Add yours

      1. Sarah allowed her man to be ghost gov while banging other women. That is her definition of a Real Woman and feminist. She stands by her “man”…..and his boy. Way to go Sista.


  1. I’m surprised to see how Alt-Jesus Palin has become in this posting, especially because some of her language is more Roman Catholic than evangelical (e.g., the church as Christ’s “bride”). Amazing how pure her ‘evolution’ ha become. How crazy is she — mother of two kids who had children out of wedlock; whose oldest child was likely fathered by an old boyfriend; whose husband was pretty clearly a pimp — to have “found” religion with such fervor. Based on news over the last decade, it’s more likely her marriage is bound by the scandals each knows about the other than it is bound by mutual love and respect.


  2. My first thought was that Sarah is getting ready to throw Todd under the bus, so that she can once again play the victim card. Her PAC will soon be broke so she is desperate to improve her finances.

    Her “religious” tone may mark her foray into some sort of evangelism, to once again fleece the rubes who are foolish enough to fall for her faux Christianity.


      1. Isn’t that what life is? We live in a world where brilliant people are creating companies that involve honest MLM so moms can stay at home and earn passive income while raising kids. All they have to do is grow a base of people who buy good products. It’s the new Avon but GOOD products and Lexuses and vacations as rewards the higher you climb the ladder. And if you get to a certain point, you can pull GOOD money in your sleep.


  3. You just cannot stand that Sarah is real and doesn’t bullshit. The worst thing a person can do is say marriage is easy. Marriage isn’t based on emotion. She is correct. Marriage is hard.

    The best meme is “Marriage is loving a person on days when you don’t want to like them.” That is the most shared meme on pinterest.


    1. Oh yes sushi. Pyramid schemes are so rewarding. You can sit at home and scam, hack and attack the attackers, right sushi? I got one of those emails too. I made 1000 by hacking for trump. I’m a stay at home hacker and attacker. Come on sushi, you are not brilliant you are a unemployed con artist looking for a gig when ya buy that fake news.


  4. In light of the recent revelations about Track’s violent attacks on Jordan, and his threat to kill her, perhaps we should revise Sarah’s treatise on love.

    Sarah says: “Today, choose to surprise someone you love by sacrificing for them . . . ”

    What she really meant to say was: “Today, choose to surprise someone you love by slapping her around, spitting in her face, forcing her car off the road with her and an infant inside, then threatening to kill her.”


  5. I know that many who post here are atheist/agnostic but she’s got a lot of damned nerve comparing her “marriage” to Jesus’ death on the cross. Who the double hockeys does she think she is?


    1. CIP,
      I think she is that self-absorbed and perceives herself the “victim” because she is married to Todd. Nobody feels sorry for her as it is her choice to stay married to the pimp.


  6. Hover Smother Mother Sarah remains defiant in her chosen mythical role as Mother Manager Martyr Manipulator.

    Jesus died on the cross as a metaphor for people to die to the ignorance inside and awaken to the light inside, not for us to literally emulate martyrdom.

    Sarah would bring Casserole De L’Ignorance to The Last Supper.


  7. Wow, never realized Todd was Pontius Pilate. Is this some parable about her death as a celebrity? She’s planning a resurrection?


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