Sarah PAC Report for 2016 Signals the End of Sarah PAC!



Sarah PAC has spent more money that it made since 2014, and as of November 28, 2016, it had less than $100,000.00 cash on hand.

Total Receipts $1,418,583
Total Spent $2,145,087
Begin Cash on Hand $825,556
End Cash on Hand $99,052
Debts $0
Date of last report November 28, 2016

The even more troubling statistic is that donations of $200 or more during 2016 were $88,497.00, which was a fraction of the amount spent in 2016.  In addition at the end of the two year period, SaraPAC declined in cash on hand by roughly $725,000, to a mere $99,052.  At this rate the PAC will be in debt by the end of this year!



10 thoughts on “Sarah PAC Report for 2016 Signals the End of Sarah PAC!

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  1. I expect the PAC to shutdown soon. This major component of her long grift is coming to an end. She is going to have a very hard time living the ‘celebrity’ life with little money. She has no skills or work experience and a family of do nothing, know nothing, emotionally infantile no achievers living off her pilfered income. Gryphen has a post up where he reveals she isn’t even hiding the fact her ghost written BS screeds are ghost written. I think she is collapsing post Trump. She thought he was her ticket to greater fame, fortune, and glamour.


    1. Just_a_Mote,
      Imagine the problem with an entire family living off donated funds, and the funds going away! It’s even worse if they are supporting a drug habit.


  2. Its pretty clear she hasn’t been garnering money from anyone or anything! The PAC has been one asks her to speak because she IS on drugs and speed and who the hell knows what else. She is old and dirty cheap. Comes off like a stone alcoholic. And BEING DUMB TO BOOT does not help an idiot GRIFTER. I always said she will pay for her vileness RACIST UGLY WAYS she will end up back at the trailer park trash she came from –her and her drop out kids having babies left and right from whoever is willing to sleep with them for ABSTINANCE’ sake. I guess the RW morons got tired of supporting a bunch of drug addicts fatherless children white bums in red states. Nah..they were just too poor like all the rest.


  3. The fact she is low on funds is not the surprise to me – she has been outspending for quite some time. What amazes me is she is still getting donations – what is wrong with those people who knowingly support her corrupt lifestyle?
    One or two more months should be the end of this nonsense.
    OT – can not remember where but I read an incredible article about Track’s former fiancee/baby mom going into detail about why she needs a restraining order. She says he threatened to kill her. More happy times in the Palin household.


  4. The SarahPAC end of year 2016 report is due by Jan 31. Here is a link to the Federal Election Commissions page for SarahPAC.

    As of noon EST Monday, Jan 23, the 11/28/2016 numbers are still there. Check out the page from time to time as the 12/31/2016 numbers will be there soon . . and I’m betting they’ll be BAD.

    At the FEC page you can go to tabs that show the details. Note that Sarah is forever shrieking about the evils of “consultants” while at the same time, paying consultants $10,000 – $20,000 per month. By checking out her expenses, you can track her travels. Also note she is still paying two ladies for “secretarial work” — which really is baby-sitting with Trigg.


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