The Nightmare Begins: The White House Web Site Signals Disaster!


Yesterday was a memorable day, even if you were too  distraught to watch the Donald take the oath of office and become our 45th President.  The nightmare of the Donald Trump presidency has already begun.  The White House web site is the perfect example of Trump’s misguided and unethical priorities.  He’s not even clever enough to pretend that he will be a great leader, unencumbered by conflicts of interest.

The minute Trump became President, he wasn’t focused on the many positions in the administration that remain unfilled.  In what has been described as a ” chaotic transition” Trump “has left critical parts of the government dangerously short-handed.”

On Thursday Trump announced last-minute plans to retain 50 essential State Department and national security officials currently working in the Obama administration to ensure “continuity of government.”

As of Thursday, only two of Mr. Trump’s 15 cabinet nomineesJohn F. Kelly, to head the Department of Homeland Security, and his nominee for defense secretary, Gen. James N. Mattis — had been approved by congressional committees and were close to assuming their posts.

Trump has named only 29 of his 660 executive department appointments. That is a pace far slower than recent predecessors, falling far short of the schedule originally outlined by Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, who was Mr. Trump’s transition director before Mr. Trump ousted him 10 weeks ago.

None of this seemed to bother Mr. Trump. After arriving from New York, the president-elect trod solemnly down red-carpeted stairs from a government plane at Joint Base Andrews with his wife, Melania, then sped off to deliver a speech at a reception held at his ornate new hotel near the White House. There, he declared, with typical bluster, that his cabinet nominees had “by far the highest I.Q. of any cabinet assembled.”  Thus the first day in office he takes time out of his busy schedule as President to promote his new hotel, an obvious conflict of interest!

In a conference call with incoming staff this week, Mr. Priebus informed midlevel aides that they should avoid interacting with Mr. Trump without his permission, that they were prohibited from talking to the news media, and that they should carefully restrict their social media posts, according to two people with knowledge of the call.

On Thursday, aides released names of more than a dozen appointments to the White House staff. Most of them had worked for Mr. Priebus at the R.N.C. Mr. Trump also named a friend, Woody Johnson, the owner of the New York Jets, to be ambassador to Britain.

Trump’s focus has clearly NOT been on ensuring a smooth transition of power. It seems that his focus has been on changing the White House web site.  References on the website to civil rights issues, climate change , and LGBT rights has magically disappeared. The White House web site now paints black inner cities as shooting galleries.

 To make matters worse, Trump has modified the web site to include misleading information on Melania.  The web site lists her experience as a model, including several of the magazines in which she appeared, including the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  However a few magazines were conspicuously omitted:
In case you weren’t offended by the White House web site referencing the modeling career of the First Lady, the site also mentions her jewelry collection.  Originally the website said:  “Melania is also a successful entrepreneur. In April 2010, Melania Trump launched her own jewelry collection, ‘Melania™ Timepieces & Jewelry,’ on QVC,” the site read.”

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  1. Malia –

    A sad and frightening time ahead. With the executive signings Trump did yesterday – so many people are going to be impacted. Right now Trump and his “base” base are enjoying their success. They will continue to support him until his actions impact them personally – such as the interest on their mortgages, ACA, etc. Then even their dimwitted comprehension will kick in. At that point he is going to have some serious problems with them.


  2. My very dearest friend of 40 or so years is so solidly in the Dumpf camp that I wonder what has happened to her brain. Gonna be a long 4 years, huddling in my blanket tent under the table.


  3. This transmission of power is almost complete. Trump was excited that tons of these chicks in pink hats are turning themselves in. They are showing up in droves to surrender to the state.

    The work camps will help lesson the need for Mexicans labor to keep this country grate.

    Trump is a genius. He and putin bought an electric dog Coller company. He won’t put up a wall just put these collers on all Mexicans. He is the master of negotiation and should make some real money with this new venture.

    “Trump don’t care” health care is coming together. Healthcare czar Joseph mengele has a plan. He is working with the secretary of agriculture to produce soilent green for all the peasants.

    Trump is also working with the secretary of this greasy Russian dude. He has a showercap on and is playing music. It sounds like princes ” purple rain” buts he uses the words “yellow rain” for some reason.

    Sarah is giving a speech today. She is screeching into a kareokee machine at a Walmart parking lot. She is wrapped in a bedsheet and a yellow shower cap. She looks like a dirty q tip loaded with ear wax. Not sure what her message is but she looks hot.

    Back to the gulog to feed and water the oboma s


  4. As I stand inline at local grocery store today, I looked up to see the National Enquirer, I will not repeat what it said, but Our Dear Sister Hillary Rodham was on front cover. I came home and now see millions of women, men and children on TV standing up for Basic Human Rights.

    Hillary has stood up her entire life for all of these issues. She has been bullied for using her maiden name. She has been falsely accused, insulted and verbally prosecuted by many. Yes she stood by her man. He was set up, also confessed, received help and ask her for forgiveness. Our Country has now allowed a usa business bully man and foreign bully to set her up and bully her too. Hillary should be lifted up by America. She should be honored and celebrated at the protest. Bernie sanders and all men should stand up for the issues.

    The new First Lady intends to make Cyber Bulling her mission, she can start here. She can start at home with security and privacy and be front and center on each and every issue for women children men animals and earth. She should promote safety and compassion for all.

    Send her a nice letter in her native language on the importance of these issues to American Women.

    As a young woman coming from a small communist country she may understand the importance of Freedom,.


    1. Hi malia,
      Yes, just imagine how ridiculous it is for her to complain about bulling when her husband made fun of a disabled reporter!


      1. Yes. Trump insults all. I remember when President Obama made a comment about looking odd while bowling or ? and the entire republican party and pittbull came out and spun it.
        Sadly mr trump insults and stifles everyone temporarily except those in his alt reality cult for trump. I expect the military to arrest him.
        This is Outrageous. There are no words except get that person out of the peoples house. The man is a dangerous criminal liar, is mental, evil and .unfit to represent Our Country.


  5. Malia –

    Check out an article on Raw Story by Tom Boggioni titled, “They’ll pull the trigger.” It is about how the Cons are using Trump to simply accomplish what they want.


  6. When is the alleged natal mother of Sarah’s multiple biracial fatherless undocumented bastard grandchildren going to be having her first Christian wedlock birth? Is her Sharpie ready for bracelet modification? To help her out, here’s some possible nonfiction biographical baby names:



  7. This guy has no clue what he got himself into. In way over his head and not a detail. Unlike Bush, he has no Cheney & Co. to run the show. Sit back and watch the insanity. You cannot run the US government with a full team of rookies. Obama had all of his appointees going through security clearance at this stage. Trump has not named 95% of his appointees. Too busy Tweeting.


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