The New Trump Tower-Don’s Johns


Most people think of golden glitzy Trump Tower when they think of a building associated with Donald Trump.


However there is a new image associated with the inauguration of our 45th President.  It’s also an image associated with defecation, urination, and one of the most putrid smells known to the free world.   It is a port-a-potty, named after our 45th President,  Don’s Johns.

sign-porta-potty  dons-johns

No…wait.  Trump doesn’t have an ownership interest in the Porta-potty company known as “Don’s Johns”.  Admittedly Trump’s first name is “Donald” and his middle name is “John”.  Admittedly, many people have the same feeling after hearing a Trump speech and when they enter a port-a-potty.  Evidently the fact that someone was covering up the name of the port-a-potty company had little to do with Trump’s actual wishes, and instead a decision by the government office the AOC (Architect of the Capitol) who ordered that the names be covered up. There seems to be no designation of the out houses for those supporting Donald John Trump, and those protesting the inauguration of Donald John Trump.  There is evidently no designation of the outhouses as appropriate for males, females, LGBT or cross-dressers.


It is ironic that Trump’s name is identical to that of the port-a-potty company.  It is ironic that Trump has suggested that government should “get out of the way”, but in this case he is the beneficiary of the government getting in the way.  The owner of Don’s Johns is angry that someone is covering up their company name and interfering with his latrines.




The CEO of the Don’s John company, Rob Weghorst, is unhappy about the whole deal and is telling his employees to rip the tape off, saying, “We like to have our names on our units.”

The only thing unclear now is whether the Secret Service will allow pictures of the Donald coming out of “Don’s John.” Such a photo could later be used on a commemorative coin crafted to be a special memory of the inauguration of our 45th President.





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  1. Great idea for an outhouse company. Use old style wooden porto potties, name them the Trump model. Advertising slogan “Take a dump on a Trump.”


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