The Palin Family Plans for Inauguration Day


It’s four days before Trump’s inauguration and Sarah Palin has not been chosen as a member of his cabinet, and adviser, or even a house keeper for the President-elect.  There has been no announcement regarding any plans of Palin to attend the inauguration.  Maybe Trump thought that Alaska was just too darn far away and Sarah wouldn’t want to come such a long distance.  Sarah probably wanted to stay at home and make cookies for Trig when he comes home from school, making sure that he knew who she was.

Todd has also remained silent about any plans he has to go to D.C. for the festivities.  Surely there will be an abundance of men looking for prostitutes this weekend, so there is certainly a financial incentive for Todd to be there.


Bristol heard there would be dancing as part of the inauguration, but she wasn’t invited either.


Trig wasn’t invited as the President-Elect’s advisers were worried that Trump might embarrass himself again.

 Track was invited to represent soldiers with amputations,suffering from PTSD.


Sadly, Track can’t make the trip as his parole officer won’t let him leave home.

Willow wasn’t invited as Melania was worried that she might vandalize the White House, or style Donald’s hair.


Piper wasn’t invited as Ivanka thought she was just the wrong age to be around the Donald.


Inauguration is four days away.  This has been the most tumultuous transition in modern history.  Trump will take office with far lower poll ratings than his recent predecessors, with majorities of Americans doubtful of his capacity to handle the job. He’s at war with the nation’s intelligence agencies, has a dysfunctional relationship with the press, is fighting claims that he’s too cozy with Russia.  He is brushing off conventional ethical standards for an incoming president, and he’s NEVER produced his tax returns. China has warned him about changing policy related to Taiwan. Mexico has threatened retaliation if Trump imposes a border tax.

John Lewis became one of the most prominent Democrats to call the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency into question, prompting a weekend retort from the President-elect, who tweeted that the civil rights icon is “all talk” and “no action.”
For any other incoming president, such a pile of controversies and crises would suggest an early political disaster is imminent for the new White House. Trump incites chaos.  Disfunction has been the key to his political career.
But as Trump takes office, his signature style, designed to keep everyone off balance, is facing its most significant test. Will his confrontational, brazen approach, the prosecution of personal grudges on social media and tendency to stir disorientation prove to be a workable template for a presidency? And will his method of deliberately picking at societal fault lines work when Trump is president of all Americans?

Trump will begin his administration in a deepening hole with public opinion.

His approval rating stood at 44% a week before the inauguration, according to Gallup. President Barack Obama was at 83% at the equivalent moment, George W. Bush was at 61% and Bill Clinton at 68%.
A Pew Research poll found that only 39% of Americans approve of the way Trump has outlined his policies.  A Quinnipiac poll put his approval rating at 37% last week.

8 thoughts on “The Palin Family Plans for Inauguration Day

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  1. The ONLY good thing about the inauguration is that Palin doesn’t have a post. Heaven knows that Trump has gathered the strangest, least qualified and Alt-Right characters to lead so it’s a miracle he didn’t recognize how well Palin would fit into that loony gaggle.

    P.S. I’d like to hear from professional bookies how many months they give this charade before impeachment.


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