“Don’s Johns” Port-a-Potty Featured at Inauguration?


Daily Kos  has reported on the first potential conflict of interest for Donald Trump.  “Dave p” pointed me to this story.  Thanks Dave!

What is clear is the fact that the potty’s name is being taped over.


What isn’t clear is whether (1) the owners were asked to eliminate confusion about how many toilets Trump may need during his inauguration, (2) Donald Trump has an ownership interest in the company and this is his first opportunity to make money off being President, (3) Trump thought he deserved more respect than to be called “Don”, (4) people we standing in lines to shit on The Donald, and/or (5) Donald sold his interest in the company and it is now known as “Ivanka’s Johns”but they haven’t received the new signs in time for inauguration.


As the sign indicates, the phone number for Don’s Johns is still proudly displayed.  I called to get to the bottom of the story and was given an e-mail address.  I will advise you of the answer as soon as I know.





10 thoughts on ““Don’s Johns” Port-a-Potty Featured at Inauguration?

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  1. Yes. I was looking into this “don john” thingy. Seems the owner’s last name is rainwater. Mr wonderful rump is in the “Hospitality” field. He would own it all from napkins………. to the outdoor outhouse.


  2. Feds have to rent Trump’s toilets? You shittin’ me? I wondered why a porto potty company would tape over the name. Look for ladies from Trump’s Tramps escort service working the parties.


  3. Don’s Johns have been serving the needs of the public in the DC Metro area for years and years. They were around when I lived there and that’s at least 25 years ago. Not saying Orangeman isn’t connected to the company, but I think it’s because his vanity is hurt. Not that Precedential Pi..pots would be much better.


  4. I live 2.5 hours away from DC; my DC attorney daughter lives on Capitol Hill, so, we stay fairly current with DC events.

    The Architect of the US Capitol has explained the coverup was due to bans on advertising on the Mall or something like that.

    HOWEVER . . . here in Virginia, our “premier” conservative blog is “The Bull Elephant” — and, no, I will not link to it. The BE owner is a somewhat dimwitted woman whose latest blog entries:
    1. Report the Don’s Johns matter as an attack on Trump, and,
    2. Is all a’twitter because her local school district — 50 miles from DC — is not shutting down the schools for inauguration.

    Believe me, the rightwingnutjobs are all cranked up over the Don’s Johns coverup!!!!


  5. Malia!
    You have done it beautifully.
    The second to the last line in the post reads, “I called to get to the bottom of the story…..”

    Reminds me of a pissy story. True story. My germaphobic husband chastised a friend when he quickly went to the biffy and came out in record time. “John! You didn’t have time to wash your hands!”
    John replied without missing a beat.
    “Relax. In the Navy, they taught us not to piss on our hands!”
    Trump wasn’t in the military, so hopefully there are enough toilets for his convenience.
    Oh. Wait…..


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