Sarah Palin, Like A Rabid Dog, Attacks Without Cause!

Rabid animals are characterized by foaming at the mouth, violent movements, uncontrolled excitement, confusion, and loss of consciousness.  Rabid animals are  exceptionally aggressive, may attack without provocation, and exhibit otherwise uncharacteristic behavior.  These are characteristics we have come to associate with Sarah Palin.


Like a rabid animal, without provocation, Sarah lodged  an attack.  Once again we are reminded of the reason she earned the name “barracuda.”  Turmoil, vilification, and falsehoods, continue to shape the political climate in the United States. On Wednesday, the latest instance of “fake news” sparked a real online controversy, putting an innocent editor in the middle of an online firing squad.


It started when a Twitter video surfaced of what appeared to be a woman taking pictures of Rex Tillerson’s notes during his Senate confirmation hearing.  Somebody on Twitter indicated that the woman in the video was Doris Truong.  Ms. Truong, a homepage editor at The Washington Post who was not at the confirmation hearing on Wednesday, was accused of being the woman in the video. This conclusion was made only because Truong is both a woman, and of Asian descent. The story eventually made its way to right-wing websites like the Gateway Pundit, who was credited with the headline “Wow! Reporter Caught Sneaking Photos of Rex Tillerson’s Notes at Senate Hearing (Video).”

Sarah Palin, the baraccuda, the rabid dog, was quick to join in the attack.


She was quick to condemn the woman who wasn’t there.  Palin said:

“Busted.  Strikes me as creepy – reporter snooping & sneaking pics of Trump Cabinet nominee’s notes today during…”

Thus without verifying whether the reporter in question ever took these pictures, Palin was more than willing to attack.  It’s fake news.  This is exactly the type of “fake news” that Trump has railed against.

Today Sarah has 16 posts on her Facebook page, which is also available on Sarah   One of the stories even includes the “fake news” story of Buzz   Yet not one word of apology to the editor who was wrongly accused was contained in Palin’s posts.  It seems the least she could/should do is to admit the mistake and say sorry!  However it’s like the Palin family brawl when Sarah asked “Do you know who I am?”  We know who she is and we know she attacks without justification and never apologizes.

11 thoughts on “Sarah Palin, Like A Rabid Dog, Attacks Without Cause!

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  1. It’s been a rough day. Trump is making us tidy up th cells for oboma, Clinton and the pope. He wants to make them comfortable. We are dulling down the bed of nails.

    I looked out the bars in one cell and saw a rabid dog in the front of gulog. The thing was mangy and you could see the bones through the hairless skin. It had foam all over it toothless mouth. I went to pitons closet to get a howitzer to put this thing out of its misery.

    I then saw a trump button on its chest and realized it was Sarah bent over Nakid. She actually looked better than the other day. The meth mouth and big gulps is really rotting her mouth area.

    I guess it’s time to feed her breakfeast. If I can find a vein I can put an iv in to get some kind of nutrition in that carcus.

    Time to get the hand cuffs and black vans ready for the inauguration. This should be a smooth transit of power as long as the tanks and guns work well.

    I will report back soon if there is still internet acces and it’s legal to have a computer.

    Putin/palin 2020


  2. I just scratch my head….mental illness? Ignorance? PAC money drained (soon to be seen) to where no one with any semblance of brain advises her except her equally stupid brood? I am dumbfounded at what she thinks will give her glory and praise when the opposite is the reaction every last time in public opinion.

    I don’t know about you, Malia, but I have watched the tributes to our First and Second Families this week and have such a sense of sadness. We will never see anything like them again in our lifetimes.

    As Gryph said today, “sounds like this inauguration will be quite the show. Sorry I will miss it but I have plans to do just about anything else instead.”

    Keep fighting the good fight, everyone, they WANT us to lie down.


    1. CIP,
      I am having a lot of the same feelings! I have to fight back the urge to throw up my hands and just give up. We can’t! We must be more vigilant than ever!!


  3. Fake news? Pizza & beer, hookers & Trump.
    I marshaled when he played in PGA Pro Am events. We smelled the perfume 300 yards away as the herd of ho’s followed Trump around the course. Picture skimpy dresses, major face & nail paint, and spiked heels sinking in turf, tripping the women if they stepped off the cart path. Leading the pack, Trump’s wife or imported date of the year.
    One of the older marshals said “You don’t see seagulls flocking over water unless they are getting something from it.”


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