Trump’s Own Cabinet Identifies the Problem With Trump is Trump


The problem with Donald Trump,is Donald Trump.  His own cabinet nominees have revealed what everyone in America is thinking.  Nobody in their right mind agrees with Trump.

America should not torture. Russia is a menace. A wall at the Mexican border would not be effective. A blanket ban against Muslims is wrong. Climate change is a threat.

Those statements are in direct opposition to some of the most significant declarations that President-elect Donald J. Trump made before his improbable ascension to the White House. They are also the words of his own nominees to lead the nation’s most important government agencies.

In their first week of grilling before congressional panels, Mr. Trump’s cabinet nominees broke with him on almost every major policy that has put Mr. Trump outside Republican orthodoxy, particularly in the area of national security.”

If you are afraid of the damage that Donald Trump might inflict on America, it sounds like you are not alone.  Even the people he has nominated for his Cabinet know that many of the positions he has identified as signature issues were just hot air being released by Trump in an effort to get elected.

Hot Airtrump-hot-air-twotrump-hot-air-three


9 thoughts on “Trump’s Own Cabinet Identifies the Problem With Trump is Trump

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  1. Oh my goodness is that funny (: and so true. Progress is amazing. A huge Aloha and Luau may be in order.

    A Global celebration of the United States of America promoting her Freedom and Justice for All. A beacon for Civilization and Hope around the world. Thank you Malia for your part, your excellent reporting and professional journalism. Along with your legal and health expertise. Hope is Alive and Well.


  2. And, the orange anus spewed today that his nominees should speak their minds. What he says changes with the wind.



  3. The military version of a functional wall that include multiple layers of barriers and constant patrol really, expressed during the hearings, shows how simplistic and short sighted Trump’s ideas can be.


    1. aj,
      …and he seems to have no regard for the cost! I guess when you spend what you want, and just file bankruptcy when it gets too expensive, then you don’t have to worry about expense.


  4. Oh but there is one thing predictable of trump!. He is programed to attack the attackers by tweeter, And this helps his followers to know whom to attack too. It was a number 1 theory and practice with founder, L hubbard syfy writer scientologist and now with current leader scientologist, David Miscarviege. Attack the Attackers. It is a dangerous cult exempt from taxes like don. The silent majority evidently. collecting and connecting the dots, bots, tweets, emails, attacks, spam, junk mail, snail mail, routers, victims, proof and lawsuits of this 2yr mess stacks up.


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