Trump Advertises for LLBean; Palin Advertises for Summer’s Eve Douche

There is no book of do’s and don’ts for a President of the United States.  There is no law that prohibits a President-elect from advertising a product.  Donald Trump has recently taken to Twitter to advertise for LLBean.  Here’s his tweet”



Sarah Palin, following Trump’s lead, has taken to Facebook to tease her supporters about a new project.  She said:

” I’m going to do my part. I’ll soon announce the most helpful, satisfying, exciting leap YOU can take with me as we help build America’s future together. ”

I was so excited to determine what Sarah was talking about, I immediately engaged in a total search of the internet.

At first I searched articles across the web.  The only thing I could find were articles about Trump appointing someone other than Palin to serve as Secretary of Veterans Affairs, David Shulkin.

Next I searched you tube to see if there was a new video of Palin.  Nothing.  However I did find my favorite of all time:

Finally I went to Google Images and found what Sarah must have been talking about.  Eruika!  This must be the “helpful, satisfying” product that she can take with her to help build a greater America.


We all understand why Palin would be a terrific spokesperson for such a product.




5 thoughts on “Trump Advertises for LLBean; Palin Advertises for Summer’s Eve Douche

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  1. Trump’s ad for LL Bean was based on the fact that heiress Linda Bean had supported him with a $30K donation during the campaign. Boy, did that cause havoc for the company, which promptly faced a boycott! Apparently a Trump “endorsement” doesn’t generate goodwill everywhere.


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