Marco Rubio Confronts Tillerson on Putin–THESE PEOPLE ARE DEAD!

10 thoughts on “Marco Rubio Confronts Tillerson on Putin–THESE PEOPLE ARE DEAD!

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  1. Is Tillerson channeling Sgt. Schultz? I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing.

    Those weren’t exactly “gotcha” questions. You’d think that a SecState wannabe would have some grasp of the news for the last few years. He owes that much to Trump supporters, who are always well-informed and vote responsibly.

    T-Rex must be very, very smart with a yuuuge brain, just like his saurian ancestors. He doesn’t need to be briefed on anything. How boring. And he sure as hell doesn’t want to piss off Putin the war criminal with a “war criminal” label. That’s diplomacy at its best and brightest!

    Suddenly I’ve found some respect for Rubio. Not biggly, though — just a smidgen. Let’s see how he votes.


  2. I have never been a fan of Marco Rubio, but I think he did a good job of questioning and trying to pin down Tillerson…who would not in any way admit the obvious–that his and Trump’s BFF Vlad is a war criminal.

    Rubio is young. He may intend to be a thorn in Trump’s side as a ploy to gain recognition and supporters for himself in future presidential elections.


  3. Watching the spouse’s sitting behind the liars for trump, that are sitting in the congressional hot seat under oath is very telling. The spouse know’s the truth. And it is written on their face.


  4. A close look will reveal that the name Vladimir is, not merely related to, but is the exact equivalent of, the name Donald. so, comrade vladimir trump’s politburo appointments, like comrade t-rex, all certainly will be hanging out at the dacha of blotus in florida.


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