Trump Plans to Implement Unconstitutional Registry of Muslims in America

The very heart of the US Constitution is the protection of religious freedom.  Trump is planning to violate the constitution by implementing a registry of Muslims in America!   Is this not the definition of “Anarchy”?  A President running a country with lawlessness and political disorder.  When the constitution no longer governs what the President may do, THERE WILL BE ANARCHY.

10 thoughts on “Trump Plans to Implement Unconstitutional Registry of Muslims in America

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  1. Since Scientology is a “religion” and tax exempt. We should consider it also in all the discussion in todays world. It is the “silent majority” that mr trump aligns and so must be included in all political and religious debates. Why do we not hear ANYTHING about this HUGE rabid growing so called religion and operated by David Miscavige, and taking BIGLY amounts of money from around the world? The silent majority. We the people hear nothing except Lisa Remini new series and recent book, and another book like selling them a piece of blue sky by j attack. Tony Ortega has a webstie and interesting info with Bruce ” Brotman” a FBI agent that investigated the “church” years ago.


  2. While I’m not keen on living until I’m a vegetable, I would like a few more decent years. But when I look around my house I begin to fear that 4 years from now I’ll be living in my car. What is wrong with these people? I live where there are more trees than people, and I expect more guns than trees, and if I let my [non-firearm] guard down, I am afraid. I hate to use this term, having sought in-patient psychiatric care myself, but it’s not just the inmates running the asylum, it’s the ones who had been locked in the basement. I am reminded of an old Twilight Zone episode, where a little brat kid could make people disappear “into the cornfield” on a whim. And all the adults stood by and praised him, lest they be next.


  3. Pres. Obama had the registry of Muslims that was complied after 9/11 permanently deleted, so traitor trump will have to start from scratch.


  4. Goodness so much news. O riley settles sex assault lawsuit. And compromising personal and financial info of trump? really? and the hearings……terrific Tuesday awaiting Our President Obama ((:


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