Sarah Palin Condenses Ginger Rolls


Yesterday, I pointed out the ongoing problem of Sarah Palin eviscerating the written word.  Anonymous sources report today that Sarah has crafted another speech which demonstrates her inability to understand the English language.  Perhaps she’ll give this speech the day of Trump’s inauguration?


To every woman in America, I ask “Do you love your freedom?”

If you love your freedom you must condense ginger rolls immediately.  For too long women have been disrespective in the work place. Enuff is enuff!  We must stand together and stand erect.  No more pussy footin around!  If a man tries to grab yours, tell him that waterboarding is how we baptize pussy grabbers.  Don’t retreat.  Reload!  I say to every man I know, look what happened to Todd.  Why do you think he ended up in the hospital?


He had broken bones and a collapsed lung.  He was so injured that he told people it was a snowmobile accident.  Compost he to me.  I didn’t half to stay at the hospital over night.


I have a disabled sun.  He is the light of my life.


Sum people think he is Brisdul’s boy, but a dill is a dill.


Speaking of Brisdul, she is an example of the woman many women in America should lern from.  She was working for a man called Dr. Jack Me-off.  When he didn’t pay her what she was worth, she got pregnant even though she wasn’t mared.  She got mammary leave and then quit.  She’s maryed now, and gets all the benefits that the government pays the families of the military.  That’s why I say “thank a vet,” and that’s also why I say that I should be apoised as the Secretary of Military Affairs.  I no a lot about both the military and affairs.

palin-soldier  palin-brad-hanson-natl-enquirer

Can I get a hal-a-luya?

I’m grateful fer the people who’ve written songs about me,

and fer the people whove sent me their favorite songs.

I’m proud to have worked for a man who knows when to say “sorry”.


I’m proud to have a son who knows how to abuse women and blame it on PDS, or a traumatic amputation while serving the country.


I’m proud to have a husband who has figured out how to get other people to pay him, for work other people do.


The time has come for women to stand up to men who abuse them and say “I’m done with you.”  Women can and should demand respect today and all ways.

bristol-monkey  bristols-exotic-model-friend  palin-valley-trash-family  palin-duggar-and-girls

Wmen should speak up as soon as abuzz begins.  If you don’t I’m a perfect example of what can happen.  You won’t even be able to get a ride to whair yur groin,


nobody will wash yur panties fer you,


an peple won’t even no who you are.  Yur kids will have to pee in the street, an people will steel their sunglasses.


Nobody will take you seriously.  You’ll have to attend social events by yourself and wear hand-me-downs.


I for one have always deamed respect.


Women today must be evaporated for they’re intelligence instead of there appearance.

51079939 Former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin is the keynote speaker at a fundraiser for the Women's Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada in Las, Vegas, Nevada on April 26, 2013. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Condenses Ginger Rolls

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  1. Damn, great writing, true Palinese in the spirit of frontier gibberish. Too bad Sarah isn’t VP elect. We’d have Tweetle D and Tweetle Dumb in the White House.


    1. aj,
      I thought Sarah as the Vice President was the most frightening possibility of my lifetime. However Trump as president is even more frightening!


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