Sarah Palin Proves, Once Again, that She is an Idiot!


To say that Sarah Palin is an “idiot” is old news.  Immediate images surface that remind us that we have know for a long time that Sarah Palin was so stupid that she needs to look up the definition of ‘stupid” in the dictionary to understand its meaning, but sadly…she doesn’t have a dictionary.



Yet, Sarah Palin is the gift that keeps on giving.  Palin has authored an article for “Young Conservatives” that proves that Palin is still as ignorant as ever.  In one article Palin establishes herself as a fool’s fool.  Let me give specific examples”


  1.  Palin titles the article, “My statement on changes at Fox News”.  Not only does Palin refer to “Fox” in the title, but    FOUR times in the first paragraph she refers to Fox.  Yet she explains later that “My comments below do not pertain specifically and exclusively to the FOX sex scandals.”
  2. Palin says “if you have a husband telling you to put up with it and just “go along to get along” in a corporate culture perpetuating the insufferable sexual harassment – his priority being money over your well-being and integrity- that means he’s full of crap too.”  A disinterested person reading this comment would wonder where this remark came from?  Not one of the women who asserted claims against FOX was reported to have a husband who advised his wife to simply put up with this type of harassment.  It sounds dangerously close to something a pimp, like Todd, would say to one of his women, like Sarah, as his priority is clearly ” money over your (Sarah’s) well-being”.


3.  Palin suggests that women should “stand against it right away.”  However Sarah has failed to share any personal examples where she was faced with similar circumstances and she stood up to her boss “right away.”  The reality is that it is only after the women have worked for a long time, and established themselves as credible employees, that their allegations are taken seriously,


Gretchen Carlson is the perfect example of a woman who had worked for Fox for years.  It was only after she came forward that 20 other women felt it appropriate to make their allegations known.  The settlement amount of 20 million dollars paid to Carlson by Fox is evidence that Fox took her claims seriously.

4.  The most amazing thing is Palin’s lack of mastery of the English language.  She wrote:

“You’re better than that, ladies. If you’re unjustly harassed and intimated into putting up with a man’s crap,…”

Sarah doesn’t seem to understand the difference between the word “intimated” and “intimidated”.  Clearly because “intimated” is a word, it didn’t come up on Sarah’s spell check.

Remember “squirmish,”



misunderestimate, and refudiate.    The sad thing is that when Palin used words like squirmish, misunderestimate, and refudiate, she was speaking so it was impossible to correct  her before she embarrassed herself.  In this case, Young Conservatives had a chance to proof read her remarks, and they obviously didn’t catch the mistake.




11 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Proves, Once Again, that She is an Idiot!

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  1. Wow!! What the heck is she smoking, drinking or injecting?
    # 2 jumped out at me – thinking about her pimp hubby. I keep asking this – is there any way to just shut her up? Does not her family realize what an ass she is making of herself? She needs some serious intervention. Like yesterday.


  2. She is the epitome of evil stupidity. She has brought our country to a new low. Now we have to put up with a moronic man child as president, a narcissist just like Palin, that hat to respond to any perceived slight. If this country survives a Putin/Trump presidency, I hope we never see the likes of them again. Higher learning should be required and fake news stories banned. Republicans lie, cheat and steal to win. They are appallingly amoral.


  3. It appears that our $arah has opened a new school, along the Trump University lines. The first grad, with a degree in Word Salad: How to Say Nothing At All, is Donald J. Trump!


  4. Isn’t #2 what would be called a Roidian slip? She’s subconsciously using an example of something in her own life while writing on steroids.


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