Hitler’s Pizza Arrives Late!

9 thoughts on “Hitler’s Pizza Arrives Late!

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  1. Red Scare of the 1950’s. Quote by Edward Murrow the respected newscaster.

    “No man can terrorize a whole nation unless we are all his accomplices”.


      1. Yes indeed. In every state in this union. Russia, their operatives rigged the election with propaganda, lies and crimes and It did effect the outcome. The proof is there and ordinary citizens that witnessed it know it! This election is not valid. Even the primary. Not valid.


  2. Maybe the legal grown ups will cancel the reality show event on the 20th until we can arrange to have a real Presidential election this January.


      1. In mine too (; and I have hope, hope tomorrow President Obama says Nope! aint gonna happen. Nope……..and then America wakes up and becomes aware of information. But one question? Did FEC or Anyone at all background check, vet, or review mr trump before the primary at all? Seriously. Goodness!!! malia


  3. Kelly annie says we should not mix intelligence with politics and Mitch stoneface Mc Con all said all the espionage complaints are just angry democrats sore losers. And we pay these people to represent the people of the USA.


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