How Do You Know Sarah Palin is Full of Crap?


How do you know Sarah Palin is full of crap?  The answer is her mouth is moving, and what comes out resembles crap.

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  Huffington Post features an article that provides an analysis of the number of false things Palin reported in an article she authored for Breitbart News.  They listed the misstatements:

  1.  She claimed President Barack Obama awarded himself a Distinguished Public Service medal from the Department of Defense. That is not true ― Defense Secretary Ash Carter gave the medal to the president.

2.   Palin’s page featured a story on Dec. 11 from the website Young Conservatives about “voter fraud” in Michigan. But the so-called voter fraud was actually a problem with decades-old voting machines that failed to properly operate on Election Day, The Detroit News reported.

3.  Palin’s page has twice linked to a Young Conservatives story with a headline claiming Obama “imposed rules to take $3,000 from every U.S. citizen.” He did not.

4.  Palin’s page also often features commentary on the media, including a post from Jan. 4 with a link to Young Conservatives’ stories on the most “under-reported stories of 2016.” That list includes stories of “the disappearing women,” a phrase they use to refer to the women who accused President-elect Donald Trump of sexual misconduct and were silenced after he repeatedly denied their claims and accused them of lying.  Palin’s page has addressed the problem of “fake news” multiple times, and questioned Fox News in a post last month.  Palin’s Facebook page features information on her political action committee, Sarah PAC, so it’s likely someone from that group is actually posting stories to the page.

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  1. Malia –

    I read that article earlier today. Her mind is so warped – she would not know the truth if it hit her upside the head. Her hatred for Obama has morphed into pure evil.


    1. Pat,
      After the last 8 years I agree, I think she has totally lost the ability for logical thinking…if she ever had it to begin with!


  2. 2016 wasn’t a very good year. Sarah and Brisdull never sent a thank you for the two designer toilet plungers from Nordstroms.

    Things that make you go “hmn.”


  3. She’s desperate. She’s irrelevant . . . Trump got her all excited then dumped her and ignored her. The last few years have not been kind to Sarah and her dysfunctional, freak show of a family — NO ONE GIVES A RAT’S ASS ABOUT SARAH OR HER FAMILY AND SHE KNOWS IT . . . shall we count the ways:

    — Bristol’s two bastard children
    — Tracks’ two bastard children
    — The midnight brawl
    — Sarah ignored by NRA, CPAC, RNC, all GOP politicians
    — SarahPAC broke
    — Fired from Fox
    — Didn’t get her “Judge Sarah” show
    — All the drama involving the wedding that was on then off then back on but still no one knows for sure if Bristol and Dumbkota are married
    — Todd’s drunken accident on his snow machine
    — The only one in the family who is employed is Willow who is working at a third-tier Anchorage hair salon
    — No one bought her crappy book — it’s now #365,526 in Books
    — Did I miss anything?


    1. Old Redneck,
      I don’t think you missed anything, but I’m not convinced it was alcohol that caused the snow machine accident. I think he was beaten up!


  4. There are times I think Sarah Palin is full of Crap. Her uniformed pundinting and so called blogging; her well known fame whoring failures abound. The Alaska film and tv welfare program has been shut down. How the hell can she and her hard working family get paid now? Actually, who cares about all that?

    I still want to know the real reason Sarah Palin resigned so suddenly.

    Her husband Toad had to hurry home so she could quit and get the news into the Friday July 3 newsdump.

    Was it some sudden evil wind that blew up her skirt?

    Was it some sort of government scandal?

    Did she get caught at something she still won’t admit to?

    When I watch that dead salmon swimming upstream quitting speech of hers, it sure seems like something had her all wee-wee’d up.

    You have a blog, maybe you could do a blog post? Or you could send her a letter and ask what happened? 🙂


      1. Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

        Typical Sarah?

        Take a look at this:

        Just a few hours before she quit, her screech wasn’t ready and the event wasn’t even planned. Instead of quitting on the shores of Lake Lucille, she apparently was planning to quit in her living room!

        I think she intended to quit on her own schedule and then something went wrong with her plans.


  5. Malia – When the Wasilla loon opens her mouth or writes something, she confirms what the majority of people have known for 8+ years – she is full of shit! She posted some articles today. She put her name on the by line, but who knows if she really wrote them. One was posted on the Young Conservatives website and was about the Fox News sexual harassment. Her one sided opinion is unbelievable! The other article she wrote for Breitbart was about the young person who was tortured and hurt by 4 thugs over the weekend. Apparently, the young person was developmentally disabled, and since Sarah has a son who is developmentally disabled, she thinks she is an authority to write about it. The article on Breitbart was not so much about the person who was hurt or even about the 4 monsters who hurt the young person. Rather it was a twisted and hateful rant against Obama! . She also posted a photo taken of a moving van at the White House and titled it “moving on up” – a clear comment comparing the Obamas to the 1970’s sitcom “The Jefferson’s”. Can you believe the gall of this woman?


    1. Sharon,
      Obama is about to leave office and she is still ranting! What will be her purpose in life after the Trump inauguration?


  6. I wonder if mr trump will be forced to resign as our sarah did? Under Oath the riggers and liars flock together like flies, crap and swamps.


  7. I know that this may sound far fetched and Syfy but? It is a different world.

    Across the country this last year were several odd cases of terrorism. Could they be connected to the current espionage and treason? Brainwashed? drugged? implanted? don’t know but?

    Fires, trainwrecks, electric grid, shootings, violence. Recently one of trump pals said he wanted the president to get mad cow disease? There are several ways for Russia to do this through operatives in usa in hospitality and restaurant fields. Tainted meats, veggies, milk, etc.

    I have had a hacking feeling and have for over a year. The hacking and direct crimes have affected the world, this country, myself, people I know and don’t know. It must and will stop. Mr Trump belongs in a secured federal prison cell along with putin for their committed and planned war crimes.

    We have had hundreds of warnings and clues. I would bet on it. pussia and rump pals are behind it . Now we must prove it in record time and act to stop it.


      1. I am not sure Malia, but I do have hope. And I trust good over evil. And I have faith. I believe the proof is already there. I believe it is huge and sensitive. I also believe that President Obama is working on it.


      2. Definitely NOT the GOP! They even want to ram all his cabinet appointments through w/o properly and completely having them vetted by the ethics committee, who is charged in finding anything that might not be ‘kosher’ and would need to be addressed/taken care of/disposed of.


  8. I have been thinking hardly and long about this dilemma with Sarah. If you research birthing stuff you have to draw the line somewhere.

    If a child is born covered in corn kernels with flies all over it maybe it is just a pile of shit. Sarah was the original black lives matter. Whatever creepy chicks did to Frankenstein this pile of shit with glasses together is very impressive.

    This new generation of fecally responsible politicians needs to whipe up the mess that this free society created. This full diaper of democracy should be flushed and let this new generation take over.

    Orange is the new black. Sarah led this charge when she focused on Mexican relations and hot sauce in a tomato package.

    Ever since she harvested resources such as a toco bell supreme and orange hot sauce. She has deficated her montra to the masses.

    This created this orange pile of a man from the east.


    1. painchipeater,
      You know what they say…politicians are like dirty diapers…they both need to be changed often…and for the same reason.


  9. Oh, and BTW: remember how the Orange Abomination’s team has been asking for diverse departments to tell them who worked on what projects (like climate change, or women’s issues) and how much salary they are being paid for said positions? Well, we might get an answer very, very soon!
    Turns out, the GOP has resurrected an old, old law from the 1800s that they want to apply on any Federal employee they want, so that employee will get only $1 as payment for their job! WHO, except millionaires, can afford to work for just $1???!!!

    The URL for that article was over 200 characters long, so I went to tinyurl and shortened it:


  10. One more link, which will turn your brain to … 😡

    Seems the Orange Abomination is WAYYYYY deep involved with the Russian Mafia as well as the Jewish Mafia, with money laundering, sex trade (a link to Toad?) etc.
    I cannot believe that our CIA, FBI, etc did not know about all this and did not do anything. So, if they knew about this, and he is still out and about and free, what does that tell us?! Sounds like we are way over our heads with this, and there seemingly is absolutely nothing we can do to get rid of this scourge.


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