Trump Will Be the “Hottest President Ever”

People have warned that Donald Trump’s endorsement of nuclear proliferation could be catastrophic for the planet.  Yet some say that a nuclear holocaust is unlikely, and the result of liberals over-reacting to Donald Trump.  However there is no way that anyone can deny the danger that America is ALREADY facing, and Trump will simply make it worse.  It’s called climate change, and Trump says it’s a “hoax.”



2016 is predicted to be hottest year ever.  If every year of the Trump presidency is the hottest on record, he would go down in history as the “Hottest President Ever!” The data out of the Arctic right now is terrifying: Over the last two months, temperatures have been as much as 36 degrees above normal. A chunk of ice the size of India has disappeared from the polar ice caps this year. Sixteen of the 17 hottest years on record have come since 2000.

Trump vowed to renege on U.S. commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement, undo Obama’s Clean Power Plan, and dismantle the EPA.  His decisions made so far in this transitional period do not indicate anything different. Trump has assembled an energy and environment team that includes a climate-denier to head the EPA transition and executives from major fracking and oil companies.

A leading US Republican says she fears for the future of her seven grandchildren with Donald Trump in the White House.  Christine Todd Whitman, head of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under George W Bush, accused Mr Trump of ignoring compelling science.  She warned that his threat to scrap climate protection policies puts the world’s future at risk.

Ms Todd Whitman was interviewed on Trump’s likely policies for a documentary – Climate Change: the Trump Card – which airs on BBC Radio 4 at 20:00 on Tuesday.

She said: “I find it very worrisome that there seems to be a disdain for the science on protecting the environment.

“I worry terribly for the future of my family and families round the world because Mother Nature has never observed geopolitical boundaries and what one country does really does affect another country.

“To walk away from something where you have 97% of scientists saying this is occurring and people have an impact on it … it’s gotten to the point where we’ve got to try to slow it down if we’re going to survive it.”

Trump’s picks for Cabinet posts have alarmed scientists. Several of them have cast doubt on climate science. Rick Perry, the nominee for Energy Secretary, who has in the past argued for the abolition of the Department of Energy, he is about to lead.

The choice for head of the EPA is Scott Pruitt, who wants to scrap the clean power program which is the basis for America’s pledge to the UN to curb CO2 emissions.

Scott Pruitt arrives at Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York, on 7 December 2016

Mr Trump’s pick for Secretary of State is Rex Tillerson, head of oil giant Exxon Mobil, which is being investigated for allegedly misleading its shareholders over risks to the climate.  Nick Loris from the libertarian Heritage Foundation told BBC News: “Scott Pruitt has led the charge against an overly aggressive EPA – an agency that’s run wild, rampantly, with excessive regulations that are devoid of any meaningful environmental benefit.

“He wants to return environmental protection down to the state level where a lot of our environmental challenges can better be solved,” he added.

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  1. Malia –

    You are totally right about Trump and climate change. Since he is so iffy about so many things he has said in the past – I wonder if during the election he jumped on the denial bandwagon to garner support from the already ignorant base he has cultivated. We know they do not understand or approve of science.
    On another note is Palin and her stubborn denial of climate change. She is living in an area that is changing right before our eyes – and yet she still denies it. Polar bears with no ice floes to hunt from, fish moving to colder waters so the fishing industry is seeing that impact, coastal villages that are slowing going under water. What the heck is wrong with her? She truly is a low wattage idiot. May I use the word – retarded?


    1. Pat,
      You’d think that if anyone would be aware and concerned about the devastating effects it would be someone in Alaska, but it amazes me that Sarah remains oblivious!


  2. This is going to be fun, the Palm Beach White House vs. Mother Nature. Trump’s party palace is sitting in the climate change flood zone. Some of the large cities on Florida’s east coast are already flooding during high tide. It is also possible that Trump’s northern White House on Manhattan could see flooding during his term.
    Fish in the Atlantic are looking inland saying “We don’t need no membership, no tux. We’re gonna eat off the barnacles that grown on that gaudy gold.”

    Here’s where the ignorance gets comical. Right wing conspiracy sites are going bonkers over Antarctica, because world leaders are visiting and touring the South Pole. The stories range from secret survival city to fighting space aliens. The simple truth is that the South Pole is melting fast and the strongest example of global warming. There is a huge long split in the ice that goes all the way down down to open water. There is a chunk, the size of Delaware, about to break off and head out to sea. Ice melts and water rises, been that way since the beginning of time.


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