The Source of Track’s PTSD Isn’t the Military

It’s been almost one year since Track was arrested for domestic assault of his then pregnant girl-friend Jordan Lowe.


It is unclear to me when Jordan gave birth to Track’s child.  Certainly Grandma Palin made no announcement of the blessed event.  She didn’t even photoshop any pictures that were posted on her Facebook pretending to be present at the hospital.


Track must have been hospitalized on that special day for his PTSD, since he didn’t mention anything about the birth of his second child.  Family is so important to Sarah that it is hard to understand how or why she wouldn’t be over-the-moon about this newest member of the Palin family.  Maybe Sarah was just preoccupied with planning the wedding party for Track and Britta that hasn’t happened yet?  Maybe Sarah is wondering whether to invite Track’s children by two different women to the party she hasn’t had yet, celebrating the marriage that has already been dissolved between Track and Britta?



Jordan Lowe evidently doesn’t want Track to have anything to do with her new baby.  Lowe is seeking full custody in the suit she has recently filed.  Britta won her custody suit against the oldest Palin child, with the Court only allowing Track to see his daugther Kyla Grace, four times per month, and never over night. If Track had been abusive toward Britta, it never made headlines.  Yet Track was still limited to visitation with his child to four times per month.  Now that Jordan has a history of Track hitting her in the face, kicking her in the knee, and threatening to shoot himself with an assault rifle, it seems likely that a Court wouldn’t allow Track to be around Jordan’s child without an armed guard present.

It was John Tiemessen who represented Track in the assault charges.  He suggested that Track was recovering from PTSD.  However because Track only drove jeeps while in the military, we know his PTSD couldn’t be Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from serving in the military.  It must be a case of PTSD arising from having unresolved anger as a result from having a pimp for a his purported father,


a biological father who was mysteriously killed in an airplane crash,


 an idiot for a mother,
palin-tan-hand  palin-crazy

a monkey for a sister,


and a nephew whose mother won’t acknowledge that she is his mother,


a mother who thinks she should be the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs,


a purported father who is a peeping tom,


an attorney who is being paid by a political action committee of a woman who is no longer a politician,


a sister who can’t remember how many times she’s been pregnant but swore on national television that she wouldn’t ..again…have sex till she was married,…and then had another child out of wedlock,

a mother who pretends to make pies without flour,


a mother who pretends to hunt but doesn’t know how to shoot a gun,

a brother-in-law who promotes guns while endangering children,


a mother who thinks she should be the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs but quit her job as Governor, managing a much smaller budget and fewer people,


Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin hugs Alaska Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell after she announced she would be stepping down as Governor in Wasilla, Alaska on Friday July 3, 2009. The former Republican vice presidential candidate made the surprise announcement, saying she would step down July 26 but didn't announce her plans. (AP Photo/The Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, Robert DeBerry) ** MANDATORY CREDIT: THE MAT-SU VALLEY FRONTIERSMAN, ROBERT DEBERRY; ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS OUT **

and can’t remember what happened to his right leg.


11 thoughts on “The Source of Track’s PTSD Isn’t the Military

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  1. His ‘PTSD'(rage) is a consequence of being born into the Palin clan and having the parents/grandparents he has. It has nothing to do with his stint in the military(done to avoid jail) where he saw no combat. I think very few could have an aggressively vicious narcissistic ninny like Sarah as a mother and come away without serious scars.


    1. Just a Mote,
      We can surely understand the trauma that would be cause to any of us had we been born with a last name of “Palin.”


  2. Track is an American hero. He gave his baby an honorable discharge on her jaw. He did not retreat he reloaded his gun and liver with American moonshine. He strood his ground until he passed out on the hood of a cop car.

    He is a true veteran who has a lot of affairs. Sarah has had a lot of affairs. She has a son and a son in law who are veterans. Sarah had an affair with a vet or a vetraniarn or a transvestite. You get the point.

    The big picture is she is qualified to become the clown in charge of vets. She is hard working when sober. She knows how to turn on dirty old men. But her number one qualification is todd has pictures of trump with three Girl Scouts at his brothel.

    Track and Sarah should run this fine institution together. Drug abuse from vets will drop overnight. Sarah and track will steal all the opioids from all the vets.

    Todd will run a counter offensive selling the drugs to putin and Russian teenagers. With the profits Todd will invest in the USt ( the United States of trump) this reinvestment will employ many illegal hotel maids and bartenders.

    Trumps tinkle down economics will shower this yellow rain of prosperity on all the lemmings of this great nation.


  3. Good summary. Track’s life will continue to spiral downward unless he leaves that wretched family. But – he won’t. They are all so codependent.
    Had to laugh when I saw your inclusion of the pie baking episode. Perfect example of Sarah trying to con people. When I do pies – somehow – I get flour everywhere.
    I may have posted this note twice.


    1. Pat,
      Ibake pies too,and when I do I get flour all overthe counter, the cabinet, the floor any myself. to look at those pictures and see not a hint of flour tellsyou it was dough she bought!


  4. Happy New Year, Malia, to you and yours! Batten down the hatches, girl, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet! I so appreciate all the work you’ve done for truth, and this blog.


  5. If only a tsunami sucked them out to sea (or lake) in that first picture (also, f*ck you too, back, Track and especially Track’s whore).

    And that white “dress” with pink stripes that Track’s Whore is wearing omg wtf, are they that f*cking hard up for dresses in Alaska? (wait, we’ve seen what sarah wears, and more horrifically How she wears it, minus what she stole from neiman marcus, thanks taxpayers).
    The dress looks like something a 6 year old would wear to a fake tea party, like it’s the first time she’s worn anything without fur or water-repellent coating. And by those teeth, she’s pretty f*cking happy to see the sunshine for the 30minutes a year it’s not blizzarding. “Yay I’m f*cking six, in a big girl dress!”
    It also looks super sweat-absorbent so she can parade around the prison rodeo with Rascal Flats blaring from the monster truck, and super easy for Track to get on up in there with his middle finger grabbing her pussy while he’s driving drunk with his too-trailor-trash-to-even-be-remotely-hipster Beard/PussyJuiceBib. Slut with a pearl necklace. God she looks so wasted.


  6. A mother in a rage throwing cans at the fridge can cause PTSD in young children. Best guess is that Sarah probably beat and screamed at him when he was young.


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