Compare Palin to Jeff Miller for VA Secretary


Donald Trump never said he’d definitely put Sarah Palin in is cabinet.  All Trump ever said was that she might play a role in his administration, if shes so desired. Given her lack of education, experience, and her history as a quitter, it would be hard to find a role for  Palin in this administration.  She isn’t really experienced washing her own panties.   


She’s proven herself to be a poor rock runner.


Nobody believes she really cooks.


Nobody believes she really hunts.



Compare Sarah Palin to Jeff Miller who is also being considered for that position.  Mr. Miller is a soon-to-be retired representative from Florida’s First Congressional District. Miller, a Republican, has been a member of the House of Representatives’ Veterans Affairs Committee since taking office in 2001, and has served as its chairman since 2011.  In recent years Miller has gained national attention as his committee has investigated long wait times for appointments at VA medical facilities and other scandals in the department. An early Trump supporter, he was thought by many to be a favorite for the position shortly after the election.

He has the support of many veterans advocates in Northwest Florida, including his successor, Congressman-elect Matt Gaetz.  Conversely, Sarah Palin has been criticized by veterans groups, and would be the first person appointed to run the VA who is not herself a Veteran.   Miller has expressed a willingness to take the job if offered.

Perhaps the even more important consideration is the fact that Miller has demonstrated   his willingness to work toward making a difference for Vets.  Palin has not demonstrated a willingness to work towards making a difference for anyone, except herself.






5 thoughts on “Compare Palin to Jeff Miller for VA Secretary

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    1. Also, isn’t it funny how she goes to the hospital for “rock-running”, posting pictures all over the internet to prove something – yet she did not go to a hospital for a human baby she said she gave birth to, and posted zero pictures about this actual newborn human life.


  1. Malia, please pull this post! Delete it from history so the Twit in Chief never sees it. Aren’t you paying attention to the Cabinet selections? This is a new “business oriented” dynamic, based on picking the worst possible candidate for the job. This list of negatives looks like a strong resume to the Orange Twit. He would place this column in the stack of Well Qualified” applications.

    All kidding aside, from the view of this retired DoD manager, the Twit’s staffing looks like a four year cluster F***. He can’t change a 240 year old organization with a bunch of people who do not know how it works.


    1. aj,
      I know you are right, but the thought of Palin being responsible for all these vets is too depressing for me to tolerate! Our vets deserve better than Palin!”


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